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  1. Eunjung looks so beautiful in this picture. Congratz to her for this opportunity. Hope she will be back to acting soon. Miss her so much
  2. So that hint from Fve Dolls MV newspaper"soon T ara's beginning" was really the hint. But knowing KKS, it wasn't paid attention. I love this surprise. 2 more days. I hope it will do well in the charts so that they will make some live stages.
  3. Its smazing they still look fresh after 2 consecutive nights of dancing and singing. Where is Eunjung?
  4. Is this also available for those from other countries?
  5. Her beautiful smile makes up the bad news regarding Areum. Fighting Eunjung
  6. Love Eunjung. Love her smile. I hope the reason she was invited to this event is that she has an upcoming acting movie/drama coming up. Miss her sooo much in drama/movie. Queen Insoo was already too long ago.
  7. thanks for sharing. love the vibe. i always look forward to their mc cuts every week
  8. Thanks for sharing these pics. I always look forward to these every week. Love Eunber mc.
  9. Eunjung looks like SS501 Hyun Joong. Very handsome. No wonder somebody asked why there is a guy in N4. But in Show Champion, she transformed to a girly girl again. Amazing Eunjung.
  10. The last sentence, I wonder what promotions they will do in Korea. Does this mean,they will also have a Korean comeback after 2nd Japanese album? I hope so. As always, I pray that they will be successful as units as well as their 2nd Japanese album promotions and all the coming singles and album.
  11. I am sooo excited. But I am weary as well. It seems to be going at such a full speed. I would rather they take one step at a time and stay for long time. But I wish and pray for their success. They had been through soo much especially since last year's scandal. I think they deserve such recognition of their hard work. T ara N4, fighting...T ara8 fighting.
  12. Does this mean, there is also possibility that N4 will be working with artists other than CB? I hope so. I would prefer it more. I wish them the best.
  13. I'm just glad that she could finally open her feelings. It may not make any different for the haters who will always hate but at least it will ease Eunjung a bit now that she shared what she felt. Eunjung, fighting. Now that the poduction co also apologized publicly, Hope to see you in a new drama soon.
  14. It's just amazing how she could still look so feminine even in that short hair. Only she can pull it off. She could also be tomboyish like Amber. Fighting Eunjung.
  15. Wow, she looks so innocent. Lovely as always. She is very Charming even before. Now she's a really beautiful lady, both in and out.
  16. I love your jealousy rampage eunjung4eva. Is there any video? I only saw little bit from link posted at shout box last night.
  17. Ohhhh, I love her new hairstyle. She's getting ready for the t ara n4. I can't wait to see her concept. Love her.
  18. Wow! Really really happy for T ara. Hope this will continue. I still have to place my order. Eunjung, fighting! T ara fighting.
  19. It's exciting to hear the previews. Can't wait to hear the complete tracks, especially Eunjung's. I really love her vocals.
  20. Weren't, it's so good to see pics of her doing Mc. Anybody got a video link for this show? Was there video for last week's too?
  21. I missed Eunjung watching this video. I'm sure Jiyeon is too. There is a feeling of emptyness when I don't see Eunjung because my eyes automatically scan for her. But it's great to know Eunjung is doing a good job across the mile. Can't wait when she comes back tomorrow. I wonder if she recorded for next week ( MC) or she will have to miss the sjowcase to go back to Japan.
  22. Jiyeon must have missed Eunjung so much for missing a day of promotion. And Eunjung is showing jealousy when Jiyeon was hugging Ahreum. Eunji is so sweet.
  23. With the break they had basing on schedule, it is possible that Eunjung went back to Korea for Show Champion. But her hair seems to be same as last week and a week before so this could also be prerecorded. Edit: After watching the Mainichi video 8, I am now sure Eunjung went back to Korea to MC. So this must be live. Eunjung, it must be hard tofly back and forth on top of all the travellings and promotions in Japan. Gambatte ne. Love to see your smile.
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