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  1. ommoya,,,i cant wait a longer again, but i must T.T i hope this song will make our queens to be real queens again, god please hear my wish AMIN!!!
  2. congrat unnie....I'm certaintly glad and happy for you meet bun unnie, i think she is very lucky girl because she can date with her bias...you're make me very envy unnie. together forever with your namchin and always happy unnie ^^
  3. i really hope that kks will make a concert tour for ccm family....
  4. my queens always look gorgeous....very love them, btw the last pic on hyomstagram with a camel is make me Lol, she said "this is a camel",
  5. i hope my eyes is noy wrong that qri unnie open instagram....
  6. btw why CCM boss is not change too, I'm really disgusted with his, he make a lot disappointed to queen's.
  7. i'm very miss korean 6-ara, kks please as soon make their comeback.
  8. i glad, the model in this MV is not my queens, but this song is very easy listen to me.
  9. until now they have never come to my country T-ARA please have a big concert in Indonesia
  10. so our pretty maknae will be the last leader for T-ARA.
  11. the next target is grammy awards. T-ARA keep fighting.
  12. dont worry even cold wind will pass away T-ARA not just will be pearl, but they'll be DIAMOND in the future.
  13. hahahahaaaa...this is very funny, i think boram unnie know about that song when she said "Oh" but finally she just PASS.
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