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  1. Hi guys, this is what I posted today on my Google+ profile on this topic: "Ok guys, now let's talk about more serious things... I do not speak Korean, and therefore I don't know exactly what was said in this transmission, but from the post on the fan-forum Diadem is clear that by the crew of the show have been made again to the girls questions relating to the suspected scandal of bullying reported last year; after reading other material found on the net on topic, I personally think the whole thing a media hype that has caused considerable damage in terms of image to the girls; now, after the hard work and sacrifices made from them, in a moment of clear relaunch of the group, these gentlemen of Mnet allow themselves to pick up the question, creating a clear disturbance to girls even burst into tears, and with the risk of rise new hatred in the absence, however, of any evidence to support. It may be that the whole thing was orchestrated by the same CCM in an attempt to bring clarity on the issue and stimulate new sympathy for the girls. Whatever the origin of the maneuver I say: NO!! The time is wrong; the girls, with great sensitivity (the proof is crying in the video), have the right to be respected in their feelings; they should not be manipulated for ulterior motives. This is a time of joy, not sorrow! For the real culprits I have only one word: SHAME!! Let quiet the girls!! RESPECT THEM!!! For you girls I have this to say: I'll always love you... all the true Queen's love you!! You'll never walk alone!! Now and forever: Fighting!!!"
  2. I apologize again for my incursions into other people's topic, I hope to please posting the link to the version with subtitles in English of Countryside Life / Drama version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1S6tmrLE0Jo Credit: ishak chaib @ YouTube ...and the Dance Version also english subtitled (to be activated in the menu!): Credit: LOENENT @ YouTube
  3. Sorry if I'm intruding in your topic; I just wanted to post the link for the version with English subtitles: Credit: Stew SSTwo @ YouTube
  4. I really like this teaser! If the good day you can see from the morning...... prepare us at maximum music enjoyment ! T-ara rules !!
  5. Hi guys, here's a fancam of the fabulous T-ara in Taiwan with "Sexy Love" (a little closer than the other): Credit: TaeCare0718 @ youtube and with "Lovey Dovey": Credit: TaeCare0718 @ youtube and yet another "Sexy Love" fancam (even closer): Credit: yuriwens @ youtube
  6. Thank you so much for this HD version! And you know by chance if also Sexy Love is available in HD somewhere? I have unsuccessfully searched on YouTube ! However it must be said that the Princesses are getting more irresistible when they are on stage ! Stage... offstage... stage... I can not choose!! Please... help me I'm hopelessly addicted from T-ara's girls!!!
  7. WOW!!! The girls are really irresistible! More I look at them offstage and more I love them!! 
  8. Hi guys, enjoy these other N-4's videos from their MV shooting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PrGVstzl5Yo **** Credit: upnewsTV @ youtube **** Credit: 문화예술의전당 룰루 @ youtube **** Credit: SSTVnews @ youtube **** Credit: 문화예술의전당 룰루 @ youtube
  9. Hi robbe_881, thanks for the video! Always adorable the T-ara at every public event!! I have a question (excuse the ignorance but as I posted elsewhere I'm relatively new to the world of K-music): How often in a year a fan meeting is organized? Access is free or restricted to members of a particular Fanclub? The girls perform on demand or follow a script? Fans can get closer and interact (do not think bad ok !) with them or are kept away? Thanks!!
  10. Thank you for sharing!! I believe that after their debut the T-ara N4 will be destined to climb fast the ranking of hits... and will remain long in top positions !! The girls are simply amazing !!
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