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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm glad to see more celebrities sticking up for t-ara even when some of the fans and netizens are getting caught in the rumors. It's sad how fast and crazy this got. I hope it dies down soon.
  3. I will not stop supported these girls. Fighting T-ara!

  4. hi have a nice day!^^..

  5. I really dislike horror movies but the fact that Hyomin is in it it makes me want to see it. I doubt she's surpass Ha JiWon this time around but maybe in the future she'll have the talent to do that. I'd like to see Hyomin get another light hearted role in a movie or drama, something I can watch without having nightmare from it haha.
  6. I get most of them off naver and some on tumblr. Just gotta know where and what to search for.

  7. I think their disco/retro concept is on of the better ones and the songs are a lot better than I was expecting, I'm excited to hear that they are making another single even if it's a remake. I'll miss them while they are in japan though.
  8. I think these companies only see dollar signs and neglect to remember that their artists aren't super human. If I were Hyomin I'd milk this and get as much rest as I could. I'm glad she's getting so much attention and recognition for her abilities nonetheless.
  9. I saw the music video and I gotta say I liked this song more than I thought I would. I like how Soyeon's voice isn't as dominating over the other voices this time around. I hope they really do hit the jackpot when everything is released.
  10. I think they should pick one and stick to it. It's cool they want all the members to experience the responsibility and things that comes with the title but this will probably get confusing later on. idk, its just kinda silly to me to keep changing it.
  11. It kinda sounds like it's just going to be a single...but it sounds interesting if they can pull it off. I really like their less cutesy concepts so I hope to see their mature side more in the future.
  12. Totally cute, ohh how much cuter would it have been if it was from yayaya instead? haha I think I've seen some like computer generated ones of Sunny floating around in that same chibi style.
  13. That doesn't look like a short cut to me. It looks more like she had it tied back...anyways it's always cool to find only stuff like that. She doesn't look too much different from how she does now but seeing how you've changed even over a short time is fun.
  14. I saw all their comments all at once that day and it made me excited to see the film but then I remembered it was a horror movie...I cant/don't watch horror movies. I hope it brings in the big moolah when it is finally released. Hyomin's film will be next~
  15. She's got a good eye for fashion but it surprises me to read she styled 5dolls outfits. Hyomin and Eunjung seem to have a lot more talents than meets the eye.
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