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    deodeo07 got a reaction from jmae in Donors-Exclusive Subs + Changes to VIP Vault Forum   
    What about 50+ post members? Will these subs eventually come out to the "general public"?
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    deodeo07 got a reaction from thexcalibur in [HELP][QUESTION]Account deleted?   
    Amazing, a reply!
    Thanks, and yes I did get my posts back since I love T-ARA; and thanks for your consideration .
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    deodeo07 reacted to craZy in [HELP][QUESTION]Account deleted?   
    Yes due to the server issue the forums database rolled back a bit thus losing some post any recent accounts.
    I recognize your username so I would've been happy to accommodate you somehow but it seems you have made up for all your lost posts now. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.
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    deodeo07 got a reaction from azr in [INFO] T-ara member colors   
    Areum's photo looks so sad while everyone else is smiling.
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    deodeo07 got a reaction from LittleCloud in [13.07.10] Areum leaves T-ara for a solo debut, "Please don't forget me.. I love you"   
    I'll miss Areum. First Hwayoung and now Areum? What is CCM doing!?
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