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    johnnybbaseball got a reaction from damngood in [PRESS] T-ARA @ Tianjin China-Korea Stars Concert (10/11)   
    The girls look beautiful as always.
    I wish that I could see them live just once.
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    johnnybbaseball reacted to Darkbend in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    Queen's OP. Seriously.. No matter how divided we are at times.. There will always be one thing we will always agree to.. These girls will always be in our hearts. I am proud to be part of this fandom
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    johnnybbaseball reacted to Renata Silva in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    makes me so proud reading such mature words
    I pray that we, T-ara and Queen's, will stay around for a long long time cos we are so strong.
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