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  1. 5k só ontem na ktown! É hit amores https://t.co/dFW7EP2z6y

  2. RT @poopheyy: Jisoo wanted to just hold onto Jennie's arm but Jennie took Jisoo's hand and held it in her other hand?? cr: jensoo_beulping…

  3. Tirar uma soneca pra esquentar.. q o frio tá tenso aqui

  4. RT @fromyou_9: 180514 fromis_9 IG (1) https://t.co/g7yfwZzYk5 #프로미스나인 https://t.co/VEKliNUMqJ

  5. Dormir né. Goodnight to fromis and gfriend only

  6. RT @pinkypic7: 프롬이카페 Behind story 2) 서로 가끔 츤츤 질투 하는 캐미⁉️ 요즘 자주 보이는 캐미? 97`s 녕귤 캐미얌 ❣️ ?https://t.co/5jQFDc6EPp 5m△ #송하영 #장규리 #프로미스나인 #fro…

  7. RT @Camila_Cabello: never in a million years did i think this would happen right now ? and I’m not just saying that..... I never ever expec…

  8. RT @gfriend_part: [iMBC][GIF] 'Weekly Idol' New MC Celebration, '2X Dance Battle' (SinB) "at this point, anyone will confuse whose song is…

  9. RT @fromisplanet: friday please come faster >,<" *i change my uname again (T_T) #프로미스나인 #fromis_9 #이새롬 #송하영 #장규리 #박지원 #노지선 #이서연 #이채영 #이나경…

  10. RT @loonatteokpoki: At a Weki Meki Fansign, OP told Choi Yoojung that she’s very cute but Yoojung said ‘No, I found someone who’s cuter tha…

  11. Essas crianças são tudo trupe de circo kk né possível kkk

  12. RT @loonatheworld: 2018. 03. 17 기도 #이달의소녀 #LOONA https://t.co/pwUDPl3Wx9

  13. RT @mcreggay: Jiwon x Hayoung cover iKon sunbaenim song Love Scenario just blessed my freaking ears https://t.co/ZxJHJrlXEu

  14. RT @nightfall_1204: 180201 프리뷰 #위키미키 #WEKIMEKI #김도연 #도연 https://t.co/FhuP64GWdu

  15. RT @loona_brasil: ''Por que você é tão bonita? O que você comeu?'' Hyunjin: ''Eu comi pão'' https://t.co/hRsUmLXAzk

  16. RT @sensible_k: 180115 아육대 #슬기 도로롱?? https://t.co/xTMq0Dha9Y

  17. RT @chiknsoo: Jisoo: Jendeukie is coming closer! Jennie: I'm going to sleep in Jisoo's room This is a true conversation lol ? if you want…

  18. Parabéns pra Yebin que conseguiu ser do center team duas vezes, rainha mesmo viadooo!

  19. Enfim férias https://t.co/6aqcb8Z0Dc

  20. RT @loonatheworld: 비밀스러운 소녀 #츄 가 찾아옵니다. #LOONA #이달의소녀 #Chuu LOOΠΔ https://t.co/5CfbXI886V https://t.co/XO3H6eAU6R

  21. Ia falar q sou franja hater.. pq odiei franja na Jisoo, Seulgi, Gyuri, Irene.. porém amo a franja da Eunha e Jisun… https://t.co/J8psvtifk4

  22. RT @DIA_BRA: Conheça o ggroup #DIA (Do It Amazing) e deem muito amor a elas #StanDIADay ? https://t.co/053PGhelXW

  23. RT @likeyjisoo: that soft hug plus the hair ): https://t.co/9K56wBcapz

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