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  1. RT @withMBC: #진짜사나이 여군특집. 신이 허락한 자만이 거머쥘 수 있는 영광. 과연 독거미대대의 선택을 받을 자는 누구? 오늘 저녁 6시 20분 방송됩니다! http://t.co/bMJv4l5j2I http://t.co/TpElz733o7

  2. One of the comments says that this was pre-recorded on 13.10.15 but it's a youtube comment so...
  3. RT @jeb_: In case you were wondering, Minecraft 1.7 (1.7.1), "The Update that Changed the World", will be released tomorrow, at around 15:0…

  4. RT @Dinnerbone: Todays snapshot is brought to you by the hopes & dreams of little creeplets. https://t.co/sNuudcf7f8

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