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  1. RT @tiaradiadem: Happy Birthday Jiyeon! We've watched you grow from a sweet child to an amazing woman, but you will always be our precious…

  2. RT @aDrive_tK: Feeling generous and hyped about the new Pokemon Switch Titles! I'll give away 1 brand New Nintendo Switch to a random per…

  3. RT @SONGdotcom: [SOYEON WEIBO] 想念 xiǎng niàn ?? https://t.co/6vBJRaJ3Ws

  4. RT @Tia_0315: Check out my youtube channel! This is my first vlog so I hope you guys like it! ^^ 저의 첫 브이로그... https://t.co/dI4VGCqmJI

  5. RT @AegyoOff: Hello everyone! We have finally, with the help of some Queen's, created a petition to support T-ARA in their trademark issue…

  6. I think Soyeon has updated her instagram profile. Can't be sure though... https://t.co/1Q61mGGCp5

  7. RT @nuhi_vnqueens: SOON ❤️ #hyomin #tara @b89530 https://t.co/3I7oHbl7CF

  8. RT @tiaradiadem: Happy Birthday to our precious little queen, Boram! We miss your bright energy and your kind heart. We love and are always…

  9. RT @6araIG: ⑤ https://t.co/J2nd05E28e https://t.co/v2rfFFDj1N

  10. RT @SONGdotcom: [SOYEON INSTASTORY] https://t.co/4KK5rjYCOF

  11. RT @BillaVGC: https://t.co/0G459pucK2 @JamieBoytVGC vs @Derith96 Malmö Regionals Top8 #PlayPokemon

  12. RT @WTRmagazine: K-pop superstars T-ara are taking legal action against their former music agency MBK Entertainment; experts predict bitter…

  13. RT @OH_mes: Wow. North and South Korea will march at the 2018 Olympics under 1 united "Korea" flag AND the women's Korea team will be a c…

  14. RT @soompi: A Rising Group Brimming With Uniqueness: 5 Reasons To Stan #DreamCatcher https://t.co/myEXUGQKOG https://t.co/spwyBaUhtR

  15. RT @soompi: #T_ara Leaves MBK Entertainment Without Disbanding https://t.co/LyV6fPhH9s https://t.co/uBSUaxBRT3

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