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  1. yes pls come back every year XDXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hyomin said she dowan to go back korea at concert also.. hope she really stay in here XD
  2. [12.01.13] Quick News - New Year Greeting From T-ara to KBSworld viewer T-ara greet KBSworld viewer with different languages BACKSTAGE CHAT - EP6 T-ara *** Credit: KBSWORLD
  3. [12.01.11] Video - T-ara @ RT Mcountdown E17 *** Credit: Mnet
  4. I juz translated the lyrics in EunJung page

    Love is so complicated~~Nothing like that women~~ For you to repeat and repeat~~ A sudden luck that was given by someone~~ An appoinment with swollen hearts ~~I have flat foot to kick someone~~ And whenever woman make a mistake,I'll kick them out~~ I will shout into their face : "Get brush it"~~

  5. indeed i miss Selina ;P

  6. do you have a problem?? loool

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