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  1. they should promote both in my opinion lmao like in the good old double promo days of ltft/bo peep haha
  2. WAAAAAAAA IM SO SADDDD Old Username (Name you login with): JsDJssMrtnz New User Name: JsDJssMrtnz Link to any one of your posts: (click the number on the top right corner of your post): http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27215-140614-jiyeon-hyomins-solo-album-is-the-best;-hyomins-is-better-than-my-solo-song/?p=455187 Donor: Yes/No: yes ALSO moderator LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  3. this is literally the hardest thing for me because JiYeon and Hyomin are my two favorites and HyoMin solo means JiYeon promos are done which would break my heart!! ahh!! hahaha Still though, really excited for Hyomin! Hopefully T-ara makes a comeback later this year too! but first let's give our two solo debuter at least ~2 weeks vacation to rest up! haha
  4. this was hands down the most amazing thing I have seen in my life! Raina and JiYeon were both on point! I agree with @xbot! It's refreshing to see her do this a midst her sadder song Never Ever
  5. Im really excited for this! Her solo in the Bunny Style! album was by far my favorite, and a full solo can also give her the opportunity to showcase her banjjak banjjak rapping skills! <333 I wish her the best and look forward to seeing her solo!!
  6. LITERALLY THE MOST ADORABLE GAME I PLAYED AND THE NUMBER 9 EASTER EGG WAS BANJJAK!!! sidenote: the Qri level was hard man! It took a while to figure out but the whole thing was really well done!! Thank you for your hard work diadem! maybe in the future, more episodes with more playable members? and hidden Dani/Hwayoung/Areum levels? hahaha
  7. watch this be bo peep bo peep eng version WE ALL KNOW IT WOULD GO BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY AHHH
  8. i just teared up because this is literally the most beautiful article I have ever read
  9. I mean... they'll anounce they'll release it the 19th because obviously most fans will prefer the 19th, but let's be serious for a moment, on the 19th they'll be all like "no jk" and the MV will end up being released in freakin febuary or something....IT'S CCM I mean... they'll anounce they'll release it the 19th because obviously most fans will prefer the 19th, but let's be serious for a moment, on the 19th they'll be all like "no jk" and the MV will end up being released in freakin febuary or something....IT'S CCM
  10. wait where did Lovey Dovey come from?! I thought they were coming back with 'Black Eyes'....?!?! que da feck?!
  11. im so happy for a 30 min. video~!~!! I get to see the beautiful amazing T-ara for an extended period of time yay~!~!~!~~! but I really sincerely hope that Black eyes won't be an electro ballad....like as much as I love some of their ballad-y songs like "Im Really Hurt" and "Apple is A", but I hope its like bo peep meet igcboy, NOT THAT I WON'T BE EXCITED~!~! I'D STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT IT OBVIOUSLY~!~! but I feel if they wanna go for a mass popular track, they shoudl keep it bouncy
  12. ...can someone please tell me why boyband fans are stupider, all they do is xxxx about girl bands and girl band fans....can they stop being so extreme omg -___-
  13. THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING THIS!! this is proof that JiYeon is amazing and will continue being amazing forever and ever and that she MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT what is holding T-Ara down, only evil netizens are holding them down~ JiYeon fighting~
  14. the netizens are wrong all T-ara members contribute to their rising success, HyoMin with appearing in a lot of variety shows, Boram with her musical, SoYeon with...being a succesful singer, HwaYoung is news but she contributes to the better of T-Ara, Qri and EunJeong with being in dramas and JiYeon specially with all the dramas she's been in and her major role in Death Bell 2. She's an active promoter of T-Ara and works really hard to be succesful in all she does and does a great job at it~ JiYeon doesn't deserve these horrible lies that netizens are saying
  15. I really want to watch this episode!!! T-ara is so funny for doing this! but I would pick JiYeon ANYDAY over IU xD hehehe
  16. that reminds me of the time they plyed sexy hibiscuss!!! hhaha HYomini is so funny on I.Y hahaha xP love her!! HYOMIN FIGHTINGGG
  17. oh yeah! I saw the video where she smashed the wood yeah JiYEon is very strong! dont mess with her! hahah and she is incredible! and amazing! its all in her job descripition!! ehehe JIYEON SARANGHAE!!! fightingg! xP
  18. omg, thats so hectic! but Im so happy they work hard for us! they shouldnt, because Im sure they would still do an amazing job, and Im happy just seeing them! I very strongly admire their streangth and determination for following through! btw the pic is really adorable!
  19. What was up with today's? performance? It wasn't enough to cut Qri's lines in an 8 MINUTE PERFORMANCE in the Melon Music Awards, but now they cut out ALL of her lines and she's given less focous by the cameramen.... I did not understand the reason behind clashing them together, I mean it's honestly making T-ara feel bad, because more people cheered while Secret was on and T-ara had costume changes which was tedius. YaYaYa and IGCBOY have already been sooooooo chopped up for performances, this mix stage just made it worst, and it's totally unfair that both Secret and T-ara have to chop down time in their performances while like freakin 2NE1 gets a 12 minute comeback perf. I love the whole concept and idea behind this, but they should've done somthing like swapping songs (have secret perform IGCBOY and T-ara perform Magic) or just have a dance battle between the two after they perform, this was NOT A GOOD IDEA. And in the future, Qri seriously needs to stop getting her lines chopped out, I love SoYeon with all my heart, but lately she's all I see/hear in performances, and it's driving me insane (haha get it? I go crazy because of you hehehe), they should ommit one of Soyeons lines in cases like these to let Qri do her line, cuz ontop of the sad, sad fact she only gets 1 tiny line per song....ontop of that they cut HER ONLY LINE in almost EVERY PERFORMANCE....it just makes me feel really bad for her... anyways, T-ara fighting!
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