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  1. Cool !! It's time for the ice princess to take the lead.
  2. I think you are not imagining things cause I saw a tie on her hair too or am I imagining things too? Anyway, she looks pretty with whatever that is on her hair.
  3. The thing is they can't remove them because 1) Qri's fans including those ahjussi(s) will storm into CCS's building and create some mess 2) Qri's fans will be joined by Boram's father with some very influential people from the industry behind him. This will definitely turn CCM's building upside down 3) There will be no suitable 'candidates' to sing those 'yeah, yeah', 'oh uh' lines anymore cause basically Qri and Boram have been doing this for a very long time which means they are already expert in singing those lines? To be honest, although Qri and Boram's singing lines are next to non-existence but they are still important in T-ARA in my opinion. For instance, I appreciate Qri and Boram's singing in cute songs like O My God. I don't think anybody in the group can sing in a cute manner as the both of them. In Cry Cry, besides Hyomin's stick and Jiyeon's "deep in your eyes", the next thing that attracts me in their live performance is Qri's "Hey T-ARA" (opening) and her "SHHHHH !! T-ARA, time to love" (closing). For me she absolutely killed it with that SHHH !!! T-ARA, time to love as their closing line. Talking about visual, Qri serves as one of the visuals of the group. Her image as the ice cold princess who doesn't talk a lot gives me a mysterious vibe which makes me want to know more about her (I watch Pretty Boy for T-ara). Although Boram serves as the visual of the group in a different way and to a lesser degree compared to Qri, Boram is super cute for her age and not to mention when you see 7 people on stage and there's one short little girl look-alike, people go, "Oh, that's T-ARA because there's the shortest member of the group".
  4. So basically, it's like this. Three of them, Soyeon and the 2 new members are going to stand in the middle and sing during a performance. They won't be dancing. While the other 6 will dance at the back of them. Hwayoung or Hyomin or EunJung will be joining the three of them in front when it comes to rapping. They won't need the boy dancers and the backup dancers because the stage can't accommodate too many of them. This will help CCM to save money on backup dancers !! AHHH, now I get his stupid point.
  5. After reading this press release, I ...... feel like I wanna slap KKS on his bloody face, ask him to kneel down and say sorry to all 7 members of T-ARA. And why are the 7 of them keeping quiet on this matter? Keeping quiet means they agree that they are PROUD AND LAZY. When is their contract ending??
  6. As a new fan, I don't know how you guys reacted when they added Hwayoung into T-ARA. But everything turns out to be fine to me, at least when I look at them, I don't feel like Hwayoung is being isolated. This may prove that they are able to accept new changes in their group. (The problem with me is Eun Jung is getting less lines and I miss her rapping). So, we should all look at the bright side and hope that their album in July will be their best album to date. T-ARA fighting !!!
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