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  1. Hey everyone!

    Does anyone here know what's the song played during Jiyeon's sexy dance at Weekly Idol?


    I wanna download the song and listen to it then imagine Jiyeon doing sexy dance in front of me~  :wub: 

    Just kidding, but I hope someone could answer my question...

    Thank you in advance  ^_^


    i also searching for that song to.

    also with the song when the part Qri dance. :wub:  

    i hv search all in YT but still don't find it. :(   


    please anyone help.  :)  


    i just know Jiyeon song.its Six Play by George Benson :wub:

  2. Q: Speaking of Japanese movies, Eunjung also appeared in Dodge GO! GO! as a child actress?

    Eunjung: (everyone is surprised and a big fuss is going on) That’s embarrassing! I did not used make-up during the times of junior high school at all! Five Japanese and five Koreans successfully passed the audition and we’ve been practicing dodge-ball with the representative players during the movie shooting. Ah, yet still, I’m very embarrassed!!

    I'm search about that & found this. is it mean this? ^_^

    at 4:55,she use taekwando kick to play dodge ball.poor guy. :D:D

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