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  1. Old username: Keyy New username: Keyy Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/13814-pg-13-burned-by-love/?p=454476 Donor: No
  2. First one! I think it have unique classic feeling..i like it.. Woah..lately the girls always pamperingfans with love and attention.. Lucky KQueen's.. After sweet treasure already had it now you guys in order.. Happy for you all that will be choosen to..
  3. OMG!! I'm so excited.. Ppali.. Can't wait! But..is that right? 3 minutes movie video teaser.. 3 minutes only for teaser??? O_O How long the real MV will be? Kekeke
  4. it's really good..can't wait for the full song.. <3 Let's get party Queen's B)
  5. OMG..OMG..OMG.. :o hyomin..uwow.. so sexy.. N4..fighting!!!
  6. felt like look at suitcase CF.. why they bring it self?? :huh:
  7. Oh God..preparing a lot of money.. Why they not make a full album instead..
  8. why just the two of them? the rest didn't vote??
  9. hahhhaaa..only jiyeonie that didn't interest talking about what they bought recently...sooo dino style...
  10. good!! focus on T-ara 1st... at least after this whole controversy there was no missing member in performance...there always full members t-ara t-ara t-ara go...
  11. i hope this show get a good response...don't wanna rise another controvercy...
  12. not count the money..most important is justice for eunjung!! fighting..
  13. Indonesia please! make in list too..i will saving from now on...hehehehe
  14. i hope after MCD today... Mubank can change their mind to allow T-ara perform next week..they scare for nothing tbh!!!
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