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  1. Old Username (Name you login with): pyj1234_JiBabyDino New User Name: pyj1234_JiBabyDino Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26999-140523-jiyeon-to-modify-her-1min-1sec-pelvis-dance-choreography/page-2#entry452823 Donor: No
  2. Very very nice Now I can hear the fan chant with balanced fan girls and fan boys XD
  3. I wish after her solo debut, they will permit them to take a short rest or break. =) Too much work can cause several problems. I hope CCM knows the consequences of over fatigue. =3
  4. Another blonde I really like her teaser photo. It gives a 'wow' effect =)
  5. Wow. I remember last time, I wished this to happen and now here it is. I'm very happy to be able to see her original MV. This will be more classy, fierce and sexy.
  6. Very friendly to her fans. I remember an article made by a fan of Fly To The Skies who accidentally saw Jiyeon and her fans. He/She said that Jiyeon is very cute, does a lot of aegyo and talks to her fans most of the time but the moment she went upstage to perform, her gaze became different. She also said that she would definitely want to see Jiyeon again
  7. They can't stand Jiyeon's sexiness because of her slow pelvic dance but I can't stand Jiyeon's sexiness just because of her charismatic killer stare
  8. I thought only Boram and Eunjung went to Music Core =) Don't worry, next time, they will be the one to go to a music program for you solo debut
  9. They can't stand her sexiness. XD Oh well, I know this will happen. Even if she change the choreography, she will definitely have an awesome performance for everyone ♥
  10. According to updates, Eunjung screamed like a normal Jingchin >_< ♥
  11. Why so beautiful even in stolen shots? _ Geez. Gender crisis again
  12. The way she smiles. =) I'm glad that I can see her being as optimistic she can even though she faced intolerable situations in the past. That's why I can't stop loving her. ♥
  13. This is one of the reasons why they're called as the 'ulzzang group. Beautiful
  14. Lately, Soyeon is active on twitter They're finding the strength again to use SNS ♥
  15. The video was blocked right away. I wish Mnet will uplaod the whole episode of this =)
  16. The choreography is simple but alluring. This has a high class of sexiness. I want to learn this dance even more. She never disappointed us. Fighting =)
  17. This is the real Jiyeon that other people don't know. Very optimistic, kid-like, and very lovely
  18. Always promotes food. From Tom N Tom's to Burger King and now, Mr. Dessert. Hahaha >_<
  19. Soyeon is so cute. The way she acted when she opened the door and walked to the chair. >_<
  20. Simple but appealing =) Very professional Can't wait for her Music video release on May 20.
  21. It's good to see them being active on SNS lately
  22. I thought we'll need more time to wait. At least they released the new schedule. I'm sure everybody's very excited
  23. Most of her Instagram updates are about JIyeon and Hyomin XD
  24. I think they are referring to Jiyeon here. I hope that the supposedly original MV would considered as behind the scenes or a special video. I want to see it =)
  25. I don't know if it is just me but lately, I can see her as a man because of her hairstyle =3
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