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    T-ARA is my interest specially Jiyeon :)
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  1. I dream that jiyeon calling my name and I was like "Jiyeeooooon!" but When i woke up It's my mom who calls my name to wake me up. /Sad/

  2. Hi Queen's :) Good Morning to all of you. Did you dream about our Queens? Share it.

  3. The Dorky Queen's! Haha They have no Idea of what theyre doing. HAHAHA.
  4. Woaa A couple of gorgeous ladies. SsoKyul is Heart Heart~
  5. To My Precious Queen T-ARA Happy 5th Anniversary. I'm very eager to win this contest to get a chance to meet at least Jiyeon's and Hyomin's album because now, It's very Impossible to meet them At least through their albums I will see their Autographs personally and I will treasure it. It's so sad cause they don't promote here in Philippines. That's why i had really no chance to meet them but I will always be a Queen's. This August is My 18th Birthday. In case if I'd be chosen, Their Albums will be the Best Gift that I will be receive! I love you T-ARA, Queens and Thank you Diadem for giving us this chance. God bless.
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