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  1. I'm not that much into Brave Brothers songs, usually I dislike most of them.

    I just think when he has produced 4minute's comeback songs it was all ruined. Not only 4minute's ones, but look to AOA it seems generic (?).

    But I don't know I won't judge before its release because it can be really good. So I'm looking forward it! Hope it's a catchy song!

    Ironically enough, Shinsadong Tiger was the producer of many 4minute's hit songs before brave brothers made these not so good songs to them, so I fear that the same thing is going to happen to T-ara as well

  2. Everyone has their opinion on who is needed in group and who's not. Since it has been so long when T-ara started their career, it has gotten pretty natural thing that they are all together. It's trully sad that Qri and Boram are not noticed and many people don't respect their work in the group, every group has their least good singer and dancer no matter what we do (I personally like both, they have nice singing voices). At this rate I totally agree with you, T-ara doesn't need any changes, they're at their best as they are now.

  3. Yeah I know I saw them before 2012 i think because they still have that rookie feel to them and I know that now even if they appear in some show they don't have that brodcast time

    The incident still affects their popularity in Korea, but for me it looks like they are starting to get over it probably because T-ara is getting so much love from outside world. But they still don't win anything (in korea) and they barely have any appearances on shows compared to the time before incident.

  4. I thought i go to sunny fan-site already, it is ok for yesterday as 1/4, but today sitll like this...... start get annoy already :angry::angry: . Does any one same like me see all sunny pictures and etc....

    Because our lovely admin @CraZy likes to do pranks like this, she is a sone so that's why Sunny. ^^ But like the post above me said, it will be gone any time soon, just wait a bit :D

  5. May I ask, why is Songdot not allowed to be shared in TiaraDiadem? The only "banned" Korean site for Soyeon is Meldot.

    If Songdot is also included in the list, please update the rules and I will follow to remove mine.

    In addition, since "T-ARA Dot Com" isn't in the list, it means we can share those from them too. Right?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Credit: Songdot + red4summer + TiaraDiadem[/center]

    I think the rules include every dot there is, at least that's the feeling I got when reading the rules

  6. Someone has the translation? She seems to be crying in the last picture and I need to know if she's okay :(

    (translation to the first two pics) I came excitedly to eat and see nice things.

    Woah... As I opened the cola can, few cola drops violently spurted out and got right onto my eyeball...

    So such thing can happen too.It hurt so much.ㅠ___ㅠ (credits to @_transbot)

  7. i type it manually on google translate :

    저는 저의 인스타그램으로 팬분들과 소통하고있습니다.

    더이상 저의 계정으로 장난은 삼가 해 주시길 바랍니다.

    I have been in communication with the fans in my Instagram.

    My account is no longer a joke please refrain.

    what happens?

    anyone know what soyeon mean?

    who's make a soyeon instagram as a joke?

    In the twitter post she made, she explained that some people keep reporting her instaram account and the account got suspended
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