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  1. New hitman movie is coming!!! This is the best year of my life because of all these releases ㅠㅡㅠ

  2. Time for drinks again, for sake of getting older aka celebrating birthday!

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else eat raw onions?

  4. Raina comeback hype (would prefer to see AS comeback instead but this is better than nothing)

  5. RT @georgeiulian89: Someone should tell #Directioners what happened with Kysadrian, that douchebag who was making fun of EunB's death. http…

  6. When your girlfriend changes her username to 'go fvck yourself' you know you have done something right

  7. I wish I would finish this one T-ara edit before my leave to Japan but I'm so lazyy

  8. While wasting time on calling us hackers and saying rasist jokes, they could've been voting and actually do something about losing

  9. If I had that change to hug Boram, I would've grabbed her and run as fast as I could.

  10. I watch Stellar's 'Marionette' every time before going to sleep, why's that I have no idea

  11. Waiting for drama version

  12. Apparently Shannon's 'Why why' is the song I listen to most when I've drank little too much. That was a surprise

  13. Alright I think I bought little bit too much to drink, but fvck it I celebrate the comeback early http://t.co/8VxkANXgEt

  14. I guess I'm once again desperate enough to read fanfics, not drunk this time though

  15. What a beautiful day, T-ara teaser made even the sky clear and bright http://t.co/VYXnv6d2Ys

  16. What a way to celebrate weekend, wait for teaser to either get extremely hyped or to be disappointed (really hoping for the first)

  17. Little bit late but happy 6th anniversary T-ara!

  18. Literature the reason why I didn't buy TTT2, this is too close to the reality

  19. My worst nightmare has returned:

    Qri with short hair

  20. Overslept so now I have to work overtime... Well at least now I have some light at my working point

  21. Ironically enough, Shinsadong Tiger was the producer of many 4minute's hit songs before brave brothers made these not so good songs to them, so I fear that the same thing is going to happen to T-ara as well
  22. This is kinda fun though, like a big guessing game:"trash or not? "

  23. Hitman movie is so amazing! I hope that there was a sequel for this

  24. Alright MBK I understand you now, this is pretty darn smart https://t.co/sBK6XbOz1o

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