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  1. I've had enough bad news for this year, really hoping that something good would show up

  2. I don't want an early comeback with most likely not so good song, I prefer waiting a bit more for the quality that they've had so far

  3. And Raina just posted on her Instagram, this will be the best day of this year

  4. T-ara comeback next month already! The hype is growing fast

  5. Forgot this annoying clock card system, and now I have to stay at work half an hour longer for no reason

  6. Dust here, dust there, dust everywhere~~

  7. While I work my ass off, Eunjung has meet&greet event. Are you fvcking kidding me ._.

  8. Baila de noche y dia ~~

  9. Qri sthap... You're becoming way too perfect for me http://t.co/FpNGSo45Sw

  10. Going to go pro tekken player in Japan with all the arcades and the best is that Tekken 7 has already been released there

  11. Why it has to rain 24/7, being stuck in my house is not comfortable because there's no air conditioner...

  12. CMIFC is so much better with Jessica's voice...

  13. I've discovered the dark side of mmorpg games

  14. Again one of these days when I really want to do something but feel too lazy for that

  15. For some reason my drinking and fanfics by @qrifriend have a strong connection ( I might have a problem

  16. Finally I can sleep!

  17. Jiyeon got the best trip in the world and is also getting paid for it. But she does deserve it for sure ^^ http://t.co/rHFnhu72aC

  18. Laptop, I know you're a potato, but you still could turn on at least this one time I need to use you http://t.co/wYjwJoKVHX

  19. How many shoes does a woman need, like Qri has 7 pairs in this picture! http://t.co/6xqnOAoCac

  20. 4 hours taking care of cows, 1 hour for repairing tractor tires and 4 hours of chopping down trees. I made 10 bucks #WorthIt

  21. But my calfs are so cute, totally worth it to fix that as far as I could

  22. Fixing da electric fence is sooo much fun when the electricity is still on, only got zapped about 50 times

  23. Tekken 7 in nutshell so far: many new characters that looks retarded, removed capos finally and STILL NO LEE FFS!!!

  24. I have a feeling that I'm missing something extremely crucial but I have no idea what is it

  25. Thank god for my brother though, he's always been with me whenever I needed someone who I can trust

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