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  1. Little advice to everyone: when you have to put your phone back online, make sure to silence it or else it's about to blow...

  2. My new baby cousin got a name and it's time to head back home

  3. I was planning a bike trip, but weather said no

  4. My twitter feed is full of votes, but I have no idea what competition is going on

  5. The most intense workout of all time: kicking a sandbag for 2 hours

  6. Qri starring in a comedy, I don't even know how long have I waited for one! Can't wait to see it ^^
  7. My brother graduates from school, and the whole house is in a mess. Everybody just yells and tries to get something done

  8. Happy birthday Hyomin @b89530 ! I would've sent a cake to you if I wouldn't live so far away. Stay healthy and celebrate hard! ^^

  9. Time to turn into masterchef and make some cakes.

  10. Last day before holidays, I'm so ready for this

  11. A random fact from my brother: Soyeon has a weird obsession with dogs' feet.... How does he know???

  12. I always knew deep inside me that I would be a perfect member of AfterSchool lol http://t.co/8toImAYAGx

  13. Today I got to teach others some han moo do fighting style. It was a lot of fun! ^^

  14. Damn my head is not okay, I guess I got too many hits from my matches...

  15. Han moo do cup is over, I won 1 out of three matches. No medals this time ^^

  16. Performance missed, I feel so sad

  17. Why everything that is not in my responsibility goes wrong and then I need to suffer for it?

  18. Tagged by lovely @roselily01, the result is pretty obvious but what can I do. ^^ It's the one and only, qutie pretty! http://t.co/bpJoVXh0a0

  19. Can't we all just enjoy the moment and forget the sorrow for a while?

  20. Qri saves my day every time with these nice little updates

  21. I wish Boram would use instagram more often

  22. Biked 100km, and for surprise it didn't even take that much of my strength. Almost as fit as Eunjung ^^

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