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  1. I didn't know they were friends they look cute together
  2. Jiyeon and Hyomin are my favorites in the MV, they look so classy
  3. not too fan of Boram's outfit but i like the other members ones!
  4. Thanks for the gifs! can I use them as my signature please?
  5. I want coffee from boram too haha she's so short it's really cute
  6. i like that they're wearing different outfits too, I'm not too fan of the matched outfits
  7. i can't belive Boram is 28 years old, she's an eternal baby face!
  8. I love the outfits here so much Jiyeon is really beautiful on these pictures! I wished she didn't wear those horrible circle lenses tho, make her look weird!
  9. Hyomin's outfits for Sugar free are really the best, she's flawless
  10. Her make up is really heavy here, I like her with lighter make up
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