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  1. Qri looking stunning cannot spazz enough so imma stop...
  2. 179 images O_O wish i could had taken a pic with them. Thanks for all those pics in the gallery.
  3. Just saw the episode and damn it was so funny
  4. Broken chopsticks aint gonna keep hyomin from nom nom nom
  5. Those eyes X__X sometimes looks creepy sometimes just wanna stare at them
  6. These qri pics are making me tough to concentrate on work, food and sleep
  7. couldnt agree more she is in her awesome dancing mode
  8. thanks so much hyomin looking so good complete badass
  9. Soyeon looking so cute in her little pigtails again
  10. Thanks so much everyone looking awesome specially hyomin omg.
  11. Thanks so much for sharing the HQ pic qri looking amazing
  12. Very innocent look wondering what shoot is this from
  13. Both look cute in this pic but seriously that stare
  14. Oh man those eye looks scary X__X
  15. Qri seems to be wanting to share her food with us
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