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  1. i've visited the forum and woah. I didn't expect you have such way of welcoming new members here. it's heart warming. i'll make a post there then. i'm preparing myself for sugar overdose. :D
  2. honestly, I wish for T-ARA to win even just for once (more than once would be a lot better). I'm a new fan and i've made my research about this group. so yeah i've read quite much about them (including the not so good ones) but it still didn't stop me from liking these hardworking girls. I really wish for the success of their comeback.
  3. waiting for the eng subs.... I saw some gifs of this and it was really funny.
  4. is there an Eng sub for this? or I still need enough posts to download it? :(
  5. blue and their other performance in red seem to make them glow.
  6. they really look great even with little skin to show. Eunjung looks really fierce. :wub:
  7. this was their first performance that I saw and I was really surprised that they still look sexy even without showing too much skin. the more I listen to the song the more i'm getting hooked.
  8. ah Eunjung. she's really simple and yet still very pretty. she's the first one that caught my attention when I first watched the MV of Sugar Free. a refreshing view honestly.
  9. YulEun


    hello I'm a new fan of them. i have known Hyomin since IY but i never got the chance to know more about her group but only the group's name T-ara. the first time i saw Sugar Free i was really hooked. i liked the beat and everything. so now i'm having more interest on the group. can you please give their names from this photo? i searched about the members but when i watch again their perfs, i get confused again. (
  10. hello Queens. new fan here. let's be friends. :)

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