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  1. 29ijbd.jpg

    T-ara's Hyomin revealed the unique birthday present that she received on 30th May, on her 22nd birthday.

    On 31th May, Hyomin uploaded 2 photos at her mini-hompy with the title 'Cake'. In that photo we could see Hyomin as a figure princess, 'Hyoderella Cake'. She also included a photo of a similar-shaped camera cake.

    Hyomin showed some affection. "I didn't eat those. I can't. Hyoderella Cake. I also became a princess.", "I got another camera." etc, and attracted some attention.


    On the same day, she uploaded 2 new photos to another folder. "Indiana Jones"'and 'Ice Cream'. She hung a string on her head and copied Indian style, she also showed a photo of her holding 4 types of ice-cream in a cup.

    Meanwhile, she's doing some activities not only with T-ara, but also at KBS 2TV 'Invincible Youth'. She also planned to change into an actress for a summer drama.

    Photo = Hyomin's mini-hompy


    Source: Net to News

    Credit: dianapetrina@diadem (Trans)

  2. f389iw.jpg

    Ham Eunjung is the maknae cast at 'Coffee House', but at her house she's the only child. "I was born after 10 years of my parents marriage. So it's more precious."

    Even during interview, her mom called her manager frequently. She asked something like 'Did she arrived at Jeju savely?' and 'Where she'll be going after the interview?' and 'Did Eunjung sleep well?'. Her mom worried about her body despite her busy schedules.

    "I'm the only child so they didn't raise me just like that. It helps me to have more sense of independence. And one thing more that I like is that my mom supports me in acting world. Seeing that there's so many people that have to beg to their own parents to fulfill their dream. I've went to some acting set with my mom since I'm young. It's certain that I'm going to like acting. Instead of saying 'It's going to be hard, you have to be strong', she taught me how to act well.

    "When I was younger, I didn't work hard on acting, so sometimes my mom read the scenario in front of me. Her purpose is to say 'don't do it like that.'"

    She was that kind of mother, but drama nowadays look for the appearance [face] more. "Sometimes she sent me some food or anything else to dorm on purpose. But now because of 'Coffee House', I usually go home on dawn and I don't have any time to meet my mother. At the morning I always drink a tomato juice from her, and when I'm drinking it I always feel sorry."

    All the members also have a great fondness with their parents. "All the girl-groups are also feeling the same. We're always teary only when we talk about our mother."


    With her mother's help, she could be a singer and even an actress. Especially on the 2nd episode when she was drained in rain and said to Lee Jinsoo, "Say it while looking at me. I wanna be a pro. I can do it well if you give me a chance." She showed her ability at that scene.

    "I also have a memory about that scene. I worried a lot since it's a hard scene. Some people lives with so many give-ups. Seungyeon too, her pride and her image of challenging is important. I thought, 'What should I do, it's hard.' The rain poured on the shooting day and I was drained in rain. We were worried before the shooting, but since the rain poured, the feeling comes out naturally."

    There's some crisis too. For the chasing cat scene at episode 2, appeared a 'Cat Abuse Debate'. "I didn't know that some people said that kind of thing. At the cutting hair scene, it was a doll hair. The feeling when shooting was kinda aware too. Some people from animal protector also came. They only appeared for a while so I didn't see them. We did the shooting really carefully."

    Ham Eunjung is someone who likes animals. "I think I like animals more than people? (laughs) I even take care of dogs and cats. Dogs and cats can't speak like a person, but I think we could communicate by eyes or feelings. When we were filming the scene at animal hospital, I played with the dog crazily."

    But she's mature enough to understand the controversy. "Seeing that everyone has a different point of view, these kind of things may appear. There's a chance that people who's watching to get hurt."

    After suffering from those kind of crisis, Ham Eunjung become a more mature actress. "For Jiyeon who's filming 'Death Bell 2' and Hyomin & Soyeon who's preparing for a drama, also for our members, it would be great if everything turns well. Since they're my all-around friends, I believe that everything will turn out well.


    Source: Asiae

    Cr: dianapetrina@diadem


  3. so4q5y.jpg

    A netizen opened a fake Twitter account of T-ara's Jiyeon.

    This netizen followed some famous celebrities like Jo Kwon, etc and wrote in the tweet 'Hello. I'm T-ara's Jiyeon. I started to use Twitter.'

    This netizen claimed his/herself as Jiyeon by writing tweets like 'Just finished filming Death Bell 2. I don't like scary things. But I ended the filming excitedly.'

    But after 2 hours, this certain netizen wrote an apology.

    He/she wrote, 'I'm sorry to T-ara fans. I'm not T-ara's Jiyeon. This account is fake. I'm lonely so I made this account. I'm really sorry.'

    And also wrote, 'I'm also sorry to Jiyeon. I will not commit any bad things again, such as faking. I'm really sorry.'


    This is not the first case of netizen faking celebrities account. There's also so some fake accounts like Lee Hyori, Rain, Kim Hyunjoong (SS501), Taecyeon (2PM), etc.


    source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...1&outlink=1

    cr: dianapetrina/theana93 (trans) @ diadem + star news

  4. The female main character of PD Pyo Min Soo's drama 'Coffee House', T-ara's Ham Eunjung, revealed another photo after the cartoon self-camera. She revealed a 'playing alone' photo.

    All her scenario practice and tired image while filming the drama, also those photos of her filming a dining scene and drinking scene brought some laughs.


    Ham Eunjung portrays Kang Seung-yeon, a newbie to the society who becomes a writer's secretary from a hopeless unemployed girl, becoming pro from amateur and going through all kinds of troubles.

    On the other side, 'Coffee House' will have their first broadcast on the 17th. This is another drama by Pyo Min Soo PD who directed 'Full House' before. They will held a press conference on 10th May - 2PM, at SBS Dream Center (Mok-dong) for this romantic-comedy drama.



    source: http://joynews.inews24.com/php/news_view.p...g_serial=491411

    cr: dianapetrina/theana93, IDUNLAIKSPAMMERS, & MustardMilk (trans) @ diadem + joy news

    sorry it's kinda late D:

  5. rm1rew.jpg

    2AM's JoKwon revealed that he has a close relationship not only with Gain, but also with Yoona.

    JoKwon of 2AM who's doing well right now revealed some text messages that he received from Yoona on a SBS Program 'HahaMongShow' that will broadcast on May 1st.

    When the MCs were cleaning JoKwon's room in the dorm, they discovered not only Yoona's message, but also from Wonder Girl's Sohee and T-ara's Hyomin. They found some evidence of the girl groups' member.

    Especially on Yoona's message, "my whole body aches~". Then Haha & MC Mong interrogated Jo Kwon. His face turned red. He ran away with some excuse like saying that it's after they film Family Outing 2.

    And today when he was filming the corner 'Mother's Favor', suddenly he shed tears. The corner is where Haha & MC Mong become the mothers of the idols for a day.When they're talking about some related things to mother, he shared some stories and memories about his childhood.Then he remembered his mother and shed tears.


    source : http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno...042411265462219

    cr : theana93 (trans) @ diadem + asiae

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