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  1. [17.02.14] Qri shares her recent activities, future goals and deep thoughts in an interview with BNT A girl group with many ups and downs. Debuted in 2009, they climbed to the top with hit songs like Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly, etc. Despite this, they have also overcome exceptionally severe adversity. It's T-ara. They've pulled through quite a few adversities and experienced numerous hardships which has earned them a the title of 'Longevity Girl Group,' while most of their peers who debuted around the same time as them are currently either appearing lesser or have disbanded. T-ara is still staying strong, promoting with full members. They are so active both domestically and overseas, to the point where they have clinched the 1st place title of K-Pop girl group in China. We have Qri who spent her 20s as T-ara. Now stepping into her 30s, she still has many sides to her that she wants to show to the public. We listened to Qri's story on both T-ara and also herself. Q. Thoughts on your 2nd photoshoot with BNT? Last time we focused on a more natural theme. This time I think I can pull a concept that suits me more, I'm very satisified. I'm very excited. Q. Concepts you liked the most and why? I liked the 3rd and 4th concept. It's a style that suits my image and I like it. Although I'm usually bright and cheery, I like a feminine and girl-crush style too. I don't like it to be too feminine, but something more towards unique and casual. Q. How have you been recently? T-ara made a comeback in autumn of 2016 afterwards we focused on promoting overseas. Now we have China schedules and Japan fan meeting. And also we're expected to be making an appearance on SBS The Show 100-episode special on Valentine's Day. Going on stage after such a long time, we'll be able to show ourselves again Q. The time you debuted as a girl group. I debuted a bit late compared to my peers. I got my dream after watching 90s seniors like Fin.K.L, SES etc. I felt like I also wanted to show my cool side like the seniors. I also danced a lot to the seniors choreographs in middles school (laughs.) Just like that, I dreamed of being an idol and I passed my trainee period and debuted with T-ara. Q. How did you end up with the nickname 'Cutie Pretty?' We went to MBC Radio Star before our first music stage appearance before debut. As a rookie, I was asked what 'Qri' meant and so I answered 'Cutie Pretty.' After that fans also started using Cutie Pretty. Also, many people misunderstood, Qri is just a stage name. People thought I changed my name to Qri, but I have my own real name as well. Q. Did you have other dreams when you were young? I don't know about others but surprisingly I only had one dream, and it was becoming an idol. That's why I have preserved towards only that one goal. Q. Most memorable post-debut incident? My debut day, and also the day we received our newcomer awards, and every moment of every number 1 we've won. Q. Thoughts on becoming the 5th leader? The CEO suggested what do you think of rotating the leadership role and we followed that suggestion and rotated the leadership around. The system is still going on. One advantage of the system is that every member gets a sense of responsibility instilled upon them, they have to think twice before making a decision and take things more seriously. Q. Intention to publicize relationship? I still don't want to date publicly. Even if I do get into a relationship, I don't think I want to announce it (laughs.) It's burdening to be observed by the public's eye. Unless I'm caught, I have no intention of announcing it publicly. Haha. Q. The agency placed no restriction on dating; are you single now? The members are not young anymore. The members averaged on early 30s, so they know what to do themselves, haha. And I'm currently single (laughs.) Q. How do you feel when reading bad comments? I'm not the type to read comments. I think I only read 1 out of 10. However, it's hard to stop reading the comments. If I plan to only read up till the 3rd page, I somehow go as far as 4 or 5 pages (laughs.) It's pretty embarrassing reading the bad comments. I can't exactly explain one by one that it's wrong. Because I can't cope with it any other way so I just calmly skip them. Instead of feeling burdened inside, I'm the style who just skips them coolly. Q. Plans on releasing a solo album? There's no exact plan for now but for the fans, I've always hoped for a solo stage. Q. How do you find the members acting skills? I don't I can judge the members' acting skills, but interestingly, all of us are acting majors. That's why all the members hope acting opportunities, and everyone is thinking positively of it. We also recently filmed a web drama where all 6 members get to have a main role. We take in our characters personally and have a fun time filming. It's something memorable. Q. Intention to try out acting? As I'm an acting major, I certainly have an inclination towards it. If there's a project I'd like to try in the future, it's would possibly be romantic comedy. Q. Areas you'd like to try out? I'd like to try being a program MC. I have many interests in make-up, so I'd like to be a beauty MC or something related to it at least once. Other than that, I'd also like to a try a variety of things like acting, photoshoots, music programs, etc. Q. We heard you're the number 1 girl group in China. Do you feel that popularity in China? Many people come to the airport when we go overseas, many people cheer for us and I think that's when it feels real (laughs.) Every time there's a foreign polling, we always get good results. I'm very thankful for such reaction and support. Q. As a Hallyu star, is there any restriction while promoting in China? Speaking for our group only, things like concert tours, etc. proceed without any difficulties. Also, not too long ago, our Korean comeback activities also proceeded without any problems. Q. It's going to be 9 years since you debuted, when you're performing at music broadcasts, it may seem like you're a middle-grade idol now. I've been worried about this anyway, but thankfully many 90s seniors are coming back out promoting, we don't really hear that a lot (laughs.) Although we've debuted for a while, we're still promoting like a rookie instead of thinking ourselves as big seniors. But many of our peers who promoted alongside us last time have disappeared, so there's a regretful feeling when attending music shows. Q. What do you think of the recently debuted juniors? As an idol senior, what is the one thing you want to advise them on? They're so pretty, it's so cute (laughs.) Just like their rookie status, their music style is also very lovable and pure, fitting of a rookie. Looking those sides, I feel quiet envious, haha. Personally, I like Blackpink and WJSN's skills and stage, they all look good, and I have a good impression of them. I'm not worthy of advising them but I hope they will think of their fans and keep pursuing their dream as idols without giving up, I think that way they will be idols for a very very long time. Q. Until now, the characteristic that only T-ara is loved for is... Firstly, it's the strong addictive melody in T-ara's songs. Another thing, we haven't actually tried out feminine and pretty concepts even once. I think our most recent album is probably the most feminine we've been (laughs.) I think we've always change to a different style/concept without much hesitation every time. Q. There's a saying of a 7-year jinx for idols. How did you go past it? In our case, our contracts with the agency isn't 7 years, so I don't think it rightly applies to us. We had a much shorter period to our contracts and have also re-signed several contracts in the past so our situation doesn't apply to other idols. I don't know when but the members became a family and we're carrying on with that strong relationship. Q. Genre you want to try out a solo artist? Something T-ara has never tried, something dreamy and calm indie type of song. Otherwise, I also like hip-hop rap genre. Q. Thoughts on going past 30s? I really hated it when I was 29 going 30, but now only the age changes. I'm still living like I'm in my 20s and there's really not much of a different (laughs.) However, if I can, I'd still like to reduce my age by even 1 year if possible (laughs.) Q. Secret to youthful looks? Actually, I'm not really big on management. As you age, you have to take care of your skin by putting on facial masks every day. I'm currently trying the 1-day-1-mask pack routine and I diligently apply eye-cream. Isn't it a profession where you can't afford to not look youthful? Haha. That's why I pay attention to skincare. Also, I usually carry myself on a younger style compared to my actual age. Q. Body-managing technique? I eat more than an average woman. I'm not a picky-eater and I've been said to eat more than others. That's why instead of restricting on the amount I eat, I exercise as much as I eat. Even if I don't get to exercise, I still move around a lot to burn calories Q. Usual personality? Like many people noticed, I'm very feminine. That's why I think I should maintain looking coy and feminine in front of people I meet. But among my close friends, I'm very lively and active (laughs.) I'm not the type who tried to be funny, bu I heard I'm quite funny, haha. Q. Usual hobbies or talents? I like bowling, I'm currently a member of a bowling club and am quite actively participating. There are also other idols and a number of athletes. We used to gather every day after our schedules end, but since I was busy preparing for our comeback, I haven't been able to attend. I average about 140 and am currently last place in the group (laughs.) As for talent, I used to play instruments before. I played piano since I was young and I've also played instruments in a different agency's idol band in my early 20s, before debuting with T-ara. I played bass then, so I can handle a bit of bass. Q. Members with unique hobbies? There are members who will start knitting once autumn comes. Scarves, cardigans, etc. will be made, and they're really good at it. Excluding Boram and I, everyone else is really good at knitting. They'll go shopping for threads and whip up something in a short time, it really looks feminine. But I don't think I have such feminine hobby. I like something more active and involves other people. I like to experience things so I recently enjoy travelling. I'm not really the type who likes places with many people, I also like to travel domestically (laughs.) Q. Looking at your SNS, you seem very close to Han Boreum. We're very close, not too long ago, we had the same schedule and went to Hong Kong for a launch party. I got to know her from a junior at my university's department. As we promote together in the entertainment industry, we got closer. Q. When will you get married? At the moment I have no marriage plans, but for my age, I get to hear many talks of marriage from people around me. I'm not planning to live a single life, I'll definitely get married one day. But now I still like working, I like being with the members. Also, I have my fans, I don't think a lot about marriage. Q. There must be some things you disagree on with the members. I can't say for other groups but in our group, we have an extremely good relationship with one another. We hear people complimenting us like, "you guys have a very good relationship," quite often. We have a really strong determination among us. There are many people who say they like us and support us, but there are also people who hate us and during these times, encouraging words like "stay strong" will make us even closer. There is a lot of negativity towards T-ara right now, but every time it gets difficult, if you're to ask who are the people who give me strength, I would say it's the members. That's why until now, there's not really anything that the members disagree on or are uncomfortable with. We've always settled everything with rock-paper-scissors (laughs.) Even during overseas schedules, we settle the make-up order by rock-paper-scissors (laughs.) Q. What is T-ara to Qri? Because I gave all of my 20s to T-ara, I think of T-ara as all of my 20s. Because I spent a big part of my 20s with the members, everything is not that different. Q. Variety shows you want to guest on? I really eating, I want to go on an eating show like tvN Three Meals a Day. I also want to go on MBC We Got Married. At the moment I'm single. I think it would be interesting to experience a virtual relationship or get to experience various things in marriage. (laughs.) Q. Your goal? We have many overseas schedules in place. We're currently promoting in Asia only, but in the future I'd like to expand the promotions to various other countries and meet fans in those countries. As for my personal goals, I hope I will be able to broaden my acitivities in a variety of fields. Until now, I have been working only as a T-ara member. I would like to challenge myself in various fields such as acting, variety and MCing. *** Source: BNT
  2. [16.11.06] T-ara recount their 7 years together as a group... "We have no thoughts to disband." T-ARA is making a comeback after 1 year and 3 months. Girl group T-ARA has enjoyed immense popularity, followed by multiple hardships and eventually overcoming them. They debuted in July 2009 with a song that catches everyone's attention and swept the music chart. They displayed different concepts to existing groups and are overwhelming. T-ARA has received many loves from the public as a popular group. The now-actress Hwayoung joined the group as an additional member in 2010 and participated in RLPL, BPBP, Lovey Dovey, etc which has placed 1st on numerous charts and won many awards. However, Hwayoung leaves the group due to discord 2 years later in 2012. Areum joined as a new member afterwards but also left in the following year and the group has continued as 6 members afterwards. They've experienced numerous rise and fall but the members always comforted each other during these hard times and become each other's strength. They hide their sufferings from people's backlash, overcoming the difficulties and pledge to endure them one at a time. They have a huge stardom in China and Japan, but they still hope to return and promote in Korea. They’re more focused on their music rather than popularity, not greedy and aspire too much, but instead climb the stairs one by one. This album will almost be like the starting point to what they're about to show the music world in the future. Q. What did you do for 1 year? Soyeon: Split activities between China and Japan. I’ve missed Korean activities. Q. It’s been 8 years since debuting in 2009, what are your thoughts? Eunjung: I think it’ll be better if I explain by using the lyrics in our new song. “There’s nobody else who loves (us) like you do” is for the fans. We are reminded of people who like us and have been with us in the past. Of course, this would apply to other groups’ fans as well. They’ve went through the hard times together, that’s how they’ve become a family. Q. There are a lot of singers making comeback recently. It’s a competition, are you worried about your rankings? Soyeon: We have no expectations. (Laughs). We’re not aiming to survive on the charts, instead we just wanted to promote in Korea. During the 1 year and 3 months break, we’ve promoted in China and Japan. I don’t know if it’s considered a long time but, the fans have waited for a long time. I want to interact with the Korean fans as soon as possible. We don’t even concern ourselves with things like competition, we don’t even think about it. We made the album this time only thinking about the fans. Q. It’s unexpected that the new song is a ballad. Eunjung: As for the song this time, it’s a style that all the members agreed on. It’s an expectable concept coming from a girl group, but we didn’t do that. This time T-ARA tries to not be unique. Jiyeon: It’s innocent and soft. Soyeon: We’ve been doing exaggerated and loud type recently. As we practised, we felt bored and feel slightly refined at that. Hyomin: Bored to the point of should we keep doing this. We’ve been around for 7~8 years, we feel like showing our mature self on the stage. Q. If you’re to choose the song you’re most obsessed with out of all your hit songs? All members: ‘Roly Poly’. We received lots of love. We enjoyed being on the stage and it’s a song which we really enjoyed the promotion of. We’ve always been 2 nd for 11 weeks and Super Junior sunbaenim got the 1 st . That song was 1 st on annual melon chart at that time. Hyomin: It’s almost like a song that dominates an era. Eunjung: We’re the group that leaves at daybreak. Q. You were really popular but have to endure some difficulties after the discord with Hwayoung. Eunjung: Our image as T-ARA changed due to that issue. We’ve gone through some difficult times due to that and the fans have experienced it alongside us. It’s our own issue so it’s only right we persevered on, but the fans have no such obligations. They’re still here out of their own will because they liked us and I can’t express enough gratitude and apologised enough. I will never forget this till the day I die. Q. Is it possible to meet Hwayoung like nothing’s happened now? Jiyeon: Hwayoung is doing well too; a long time has passed now I think we can smile when we do meet now. Q. You’ve recently heard much news of groups disbanding and leaving, what is T-ARA’s plan? All members: It’s something we’ve all been talking about but in our hearts we want it to stay the way it is. (The group that split/disbanded) has 7 years in their contract, but our first contract wasn’t even 7 years, in fact even shorter. We’ve signed a recontract 2 times. T-ARA will keep going in the future. We’ve passed the 7-years curse. We definitely have no intention to disband or split. Q. Your comeback song is not dance but medium tempo. Explain the change. Eunjung: Actually we wanted to do another T-ARA –ish song. Another song where people who listen can make out it’s another ‘T-ARA’s song’. We wanted to do another upbeat song or EDM etc. But, the song this time is indifference and not as upbeat. Actually, we’ve also always wanted to do a calm song. We haven’t had the chance to try a song that other girl groups have given a shot at least once. We’ve done many unique concepts, this time we want something calm. Jiyeon: Among other tracks, the mini albums have the title track, Chinese ver. and Inst. Ver. Q. How much did the members participated in the album this time? Soyeon: We hardly have any time this time. After the meeting for comeback preparation ended, the comeback is moved up to early November, there’s hardly any part where we contributed. Q. You collaborated with Duble Sidekick again this time. Soyeon: In our perspective, we’re already thankful for giving the song to us. We rarely receive compliments of nice songs. To others, they listen only because they believed in Duble Sidekick’s skills, in the perspective of a singer, we also believed in them and accepted it. There’s also a good atmosphere working together because we’re close with one another. Actually, we receive more songs from Shinsadong Tiger and Jo Youngsoo composer. We do wish to work with them in the future. Q. Do you not worry about change? Eunjung: Of course we do. But if you worry about it you can’t accomplish anything. We have to make a decision among the songs given. Hyomin: We do worry if the song is too boring to listen to, but as we listen further we are reminded of the fans. It’s a song that’s suitable to listen to during cleaning or to concentrate while driving. Q. I think you would want to be 1 st in music chart. Jiyeon: We’ve agreed to do it in the most T-ARA way as possible. We will come out with the mentality of we’re receiving as many love as possible. Of course we don’t know what the public reaction will be like. We think of this time like an event. Eunjung: We really do not expect anything like charting 1 st , getting all-kill or getting cheers. We only want this to be a memory between us and fans. We want to use our time interacting as much as possible with the fans. We do not cling on results for our promotion. To tell the truth, we’re only here because we miss promoting in Korea. Jiyeon: We want to present fans with our hearts. We release our albums as a form of payback for their love. Q. You have so many Chinese fans; it’s possible to get 1 st is it not? All members: Eyy~ seriously, no such thing. We don’t expect getting 1 st . We’re only planning music shows, fan meeting and promotion Q. If there’s anything you’d expect out of this promotion? Jiyeon: A good time with the fans, making good memories. That’s the priority for this promotion. Eunjung: We fed on memories to carry on living (Smile.) Long story short, we want to make good memories with the fans. To repay the protection the fans have provided us. Our gratitude can’t be expressed in 1~2 words. We don’t even know how to repay that debt. We will release many albums to meet them. Try to become a good person, or be an even better person. We’d like to keep going. This might sound like a cliché answer but it’s probably because we’ve endured more hardships compared to other teams. Q. T-ARA is inclined to receive bad comments from the netizens. Is there anything you’d like to say to them? Eunjung: It’s better than no comments. We’re fine with anything. Jiyeon: We’ve released ourselves from it. Hyomin: We’ve debuted for 7~8 years and it’s been 4 years since the incident. It was the Olympics then. This year is also the Olympics and we thought ‘Ah it’s been 4 years’. We couldn’t believe we actually suffered more and getting loved more during all that time. We tell this among ourselves but we really endured well. Q. Another genre T-ARA would like to try in the future? Hyomin: We’ve really done a lot since debut. Having fun and enjoying ourselves is our number 1 priority at the moment. We don’t really expect anything out of this promotion other than to enjoy ourselves. We are already content for the simple fact of us releasing an album. Jiyeon: We’ve returned after 1 year and 3 months, we only want to have fun. Hyomin: It’s actually dreadful if you look at it. I don’t know when exactly we’ve lost our goals. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. We have no heavy burdens. Of course, we’re apologetic towards the fans. In the fans’ perspective, it would be better for their favourite artist to clinch 1 st . I think it’d better if the fans lower their expectations now. Q. You seem like you really like your fans. Any events you’d like to do with them? Eunjung: I’ve always said this but it was never fulfilled, but I’d like to go camping with them. (Laughs) But it’s getting too cold now, should we still go camping or go to a ski resort? It’s better if we do it at least once. Others: What Ski Resort!?? (Laughs) Q. Any varieties show you want to guest as full members? All members: We want to go on ‘Knowing Bros’. It’s spiteful but I think the viewers will laugh and enjoy at the sight of us getting spewed with insults. Hyomin: That’s right. I think people would laugh (at us getting dissed). I want to go on ‘SNL’ Q. Any plans to release full-album within this year? Soyeon: We want to release it sometime between March~April next year. It’s our 12 th mini-album this time. We’ve been telling our agency. Everything may be up to us but there are still no specific details on next album. For now, just focus on this album. Q. Your hoobaes seemed really active these days. Anyone that catches your attention? All members: Of course TWICE. Very pretty and makes us happy when we look at them. We watched Music Bank together last time and stuck ourselves on the TV screens like guys. We picked our biases. (Laughs). TWICE has 9 members and they’re all pretty. Really jealous. Q. T-ARA members are also pretty. You’re now in mid-20s to early 30s. How do you self-manage? Boram: I’m concerned with recovery with blood so I find things suitable for me to eat. As long as my body isn’t tired I feel like I can do anything. Like in the interview, I’m totally drained. Haha. Soyeon: Your stamina goes down as you turn 30. Eunjung: I also have chronic fatigue Q. You’ve recently become very popular overseas. What’s the secret to getting such popularity? Eunjung: Having released many genres of song, we seem to have a variety of songs to choose from. We seem to be able to satisfy different type of people. We’re doing fine everywhere else except in Korea. We debut during the rise of Hallyu and luckily got many love calls from overseas and enter the market. It’s not like we’re looking for something in particular, we just entered and fit naturally. We have many memorable concerts, in Japan Budokan, 10000 attended. In Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Centre 12000 attended. Thank you so much. Hyomin: No particular reason on why overseas fans like us, but it are more because we have many contents. We’ve been really busy in the past but now that we look at it, we’re grateful for it. We filmed one MV per month, that’s 12 a year. Soyeon: There’s also a time when we filmed for total of 300 hours for 5 MVs Q. I heard you’re more popular than Beyoncé in China. All members: We’re really surprised to see ourselves having the largest girl group fan base in China. We’re 1 st among K-POP female artists. In the mixed ranking, 1 st is EXO, 2 nd Big Bang, 3 rd T-ARA. Eunjung: In the Shanghai concert, the stadium is fully filled. We don’t know who to share such proud moment with, we just talk about it among ourselves. (Laughs) Q. Do you think you will regain your popularity in Korea? Hyomin: I don’t think so. We don’t think to gain more popularity now. We’re just living in the moment. Q. Do you have any big picture as idols that have been around for 10 years? Eunjung: I want to keep carrying T-ARA’s name with me Soyeon: Do some acting, even after getting married and becoming housewife T-ARA won’t split and will stay together for the fans. Not in the near future but if you’re talking about the big picture. Hyomin: The thing we’ve always said among ourselves is to stay together as T-ARA. We don’t know what will happen. Even if we did split I want to keep having fan meeting and concerts even if we can’t do album promotion. Q. What’s T-ARA in your life? Eunjung: We call it ‘love-hate T-ARA’ among ourselves (Laughs). We really hate it, despise it, and gone through many difficulties but now we know what each other is thinking just by looking at one’s eyes and expression. Hyomin: When we quarrel during our dorm times it’s not really because of any reasons in particular. Even for biological sisters, they can fight every day when young and grow up to be closest friends. *** Source: Osen 1, 2, 3
  3. [16.06.20] Soyeon talks about her passion for acting, 8 years into debut as a singer and more with BNT T-ara has debuted for about 8 years. The members are now in their late 2os and their diverse performance and individuals‘ charm capture the public‘s heart. Soyeon has spent her 2os as T-ara and is now entering her 3os. Although everything around her doesn't seem to change, her concept and mind has slowly changed and masked behind her short words carry deep meanings. We remember Soyeon as the person standing on the stage, but she has another starting point. Soyeon has a new dream and now the world is anticipating them. Q. It‘s your second BNT photoshoot, how do you feel? There have been many photoshoots with T-ara altogether, but the last time was my first time doing a photoshoot with BNT as Soyeon. It was the first photoshoot in my life and I was very nervous but I remember having fun. The 2nd photoshoot definitely makes me more nervous compared to the first. There are also many different concepts, I had fun doing the photoshoot. Q. What kind of concepts do you like the most? I like all of the concepts we're doing today but the girl crush concept was an image rarely shown on normal days, it gives off different feel to it. Q. I‘m curious about how T-ara has been recently? We‘ve been promoting in China and are preparing for a concert. We also held a Japan fan meeting not too long ago. We‘re also preparing for activities in Korea. Personally, I will be filming for a web drama in July not as T-ara but as actress Soyeon. I will be acting with cool senior for the web drama so please show many interests in it. Q. T-ara has been a group for 8 years. what‘s the secret to a girl group's ‘longevity'? I think it‘s listening well to company‘s advice. It‘s what all the members agreed upon (laughs). As idols, the company takes on the parents‘ role and teaches us. Just like in school, if you listen well to your teachers, you get the perfect attendance reward and also get to hear some praises, I think we‘re indeed like that. Q. Your popularity in China is tremendous. What do you think is the reason behind it? I really don‘t know the reason. Firstly, I always carry a very grateful heart to that. Personally, having received so much love and interest urge me to further develop myself better. The part where T-ara puts much effort in is not being pretty or putting on cool performance and songs, instead we focus on appealing to different age group and I think that helps a lot. Q. Future plans for Korea and overseas activities? Firstly, I was wondering if I'd be able to see each member promoting individually in Korea. In China, we're preparing to appear on music and variety programs with all members, and we're expecting another concert. Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung and I will be appearing in a SBS program called Lord of The Rings, we filmed it in China and soon we will be greeting you in Korea and China at the same time. Q. You'll be 3o this year. What's the difference between 2os and 3os? I feel very different personally. While my surroundings and life stays somewhat the same, turning 30 seems to be the turning point for my mind and idea. How I think of myself changes. Q. Do you already envy seeing your friends who are much younger than you? So far, rather than feeling envious, it‘s more of feeling 'so pretty' towards them. Since it's a beauty that you can have only at that age. Q. Your look doesn't show that you are 30, any tips on skin and body management? I'm not one who does such management; every time I get this question in interview it puts me in a spot. If I have to choose, the biggest reason is probably because my parents look young (laughs). Also, as T-ara promotes, rather than same-age friends, we work while carrying the sense of looking much younger, so it's probably due to that. Other than that, it's the same as how any other woman manages themselves out there. Q. Even then, if there is a tip that you must recommend? I like lower body bathing. When you're resting at home feeling tired, rather than just sitting down or lying down on the bed, I'm the type who rests water. I think it's good for blood circulation and skincare so I'd recommend that. Q. You originally dreamed of being an actress rather than a singer. Actress Soyeon and Singer Soyeon feels totally different. It's equally difficult, tiring, and I'm equally lacking in many parts. Till now when I monitor myself, I find many parts I'm lacking in. I'm still extremely a rookie in the acting field so I'm probably much more nervous than when I'm standing on the stage as singer. Q. At the last interview you said you will study hard in acting, is it still ongoing now? I don‘t really get the chance to learn from expert coaches. This is due to the extremely busy schedule of T-ara, I don‘t get much personal time. Although I'm slightly pushed back from not getting good coaching, I ride on planes frequently and l closely observe my favorite actors and actresses' work while I'm on the plane. My favorite actors and actresses emphasize on acting through the eyes. In the viewers' eyes, I do not want to be someone who really wants to do acting, but rather acts more realistically. Objectively I want people who watch my acting feels, ‘ah, that actress is acting through her eyes'. In order to do that, you have to sympathize and feel the emotion so I listen well to many of my friends' stories, and many counselling, indirectly I'm putting in the effort to learn. Q. If that's the case, there must be a character that you really want to act out. Actually, as a rookie, there's not many roles that I feel greedy for. I'm more concerned over doing well for the roles given. In the past, I've acted under the guidance of amazing directors as mainly bright, strong characters. Hence, I'm looking forward to getting roles where I'm able to express my emotion more. I don‘t think now is the time to go after the protagonist role. I think I should think of that when I can handle it. It's not a matter over small or big roles. I want to be able to pursue acting for a long time. Q. You have less activities compared to other members, do you feel any regret? Of course there is a regrettable part to it. While I'm thankful my dream of becoming a singer and standing in front of fans have come true, personally, there are still many dreams I have yet to fulfill. l have limited experience as both an MC and Actress but it's regrettable I don‘t get the chance to show my full potential. Even so, I'm always thinking positively. If there are many things I'm not able to show, there must be many things in me that people are curious about and looking forward to and in the future, I might just get the chance to show them. Q. T-ara has many addictive hit songs,what are your favorites? I think T-ara songs are really good (laughs). Personally, I like Cry Cry and TTL. Cry Cry is a really good song. It's sad and there‘s a beautiful combination in the melody and lyrics and performance that makes it easy to digest. I don‘t think we've been able to show much of such concept. As for TTL, as the main vocal of T-ara, my voice in the song seems to be much preferred by people who like my voice. I have an attachment to it since many people said they first like Soyeon after listening to the song TTL. Q. T-ara is a group with a definite color. Any styles you're looking to do in the future? There's a joke that the members have been talking about. Now we're no longer rookies and the members' average age are late 2os, we want to try something we haven‘t been able to do. We talked about wanting to do fresh and lovely girl concept like Gfriend (laughs). We debuted when we were around the current age of the Gfriend members but we're unable to do such concept. During debut, rather than showing young girl concept, we showed a unique and girl crush-like concept. We might be able to pull it off right now, but I think it will be burdensome for the people receiving it (laughs). Q. You've been a girl group member for a longtime. Most memorable memories? It will have to be debut stage. The members' expression on that day, the fluttering feelings we felt on that day, and also even the air it's all etched into the memories deeply. One regrettable thing is, we did practice live but it was an outdoor stage and the wind was blowing very strongly so we couldn't do a live stage. Now that I think about it, we're all over the place during our debut stage but it's the least trembling time on the stage for me. Q. You've received tremendous love from your fans. How much? There's a time when the fans voted in US Billboard. It's totally based on fans' vote and the last contestants were Beyoncé and T-ara. We won 1st place and it was quite awkward and unbelievable. It was a present from the fans and during that time I was thinking 'there ARE indeed so many people who love us.' Q. The most memorable fan? I tend to remember people easily. Of course, it can't be helped that I will remember the fans who came to see me more. If I have to pick among them it will be the elderly couple who came to our Japanese concert-fanmeeting. It was coincidentally their wedding anniversary and they came all the way (to Japan) to listen to my voice. They were standing there with Hangul placard, 'this is our 50 year wedding anniversary. We came to listen to Soyeon's voice to celebrate'. It was an extremely meaningful day for both of them, yet on this day they came to see me; it was very touching and unforgettable experience. Q. You must have lots of hoobaes (juniors) now. Any picked up your interest? Gfriend. I personally really like them. More than anything, they work really hard on stage. I saw their first debut stage. I knew they will do well. I saw their rehearsal as rookies; they're still the same now. That's why, I will always support Gfriend, and also I was surprised seeing Twice in person, all of the members are so pretty. (laughs) Q. The 6 members have been together for a long time, they're like family. Words to the members? We've spent more time than with our actual families. For me, they're my friends who I spent my 2os with and so I'm overwhelmed with feelings. I have no siblings in real life so the members are my sisters, unnie, and friends. In the future, I hope we will stay the same way and be together for a long time for the sake of the fans who loved us. Q. Soyeon's dream is? I really love what I'm currently doing and so after that I want to pay filial piety my parents. I hope T-ara will be even better and I hope the image Soyeon hasn't been able to show will be shown in the future given the opportunity. Q. Words to the fans? I think of fans like dongsaengs, unnies, and oppas. I'm really sorry for always making you wait to show our better sides. Even then, I think of us as one family and I believe you will look after us. *** Source: BNT
  4. Last year in April, Eunjung was revealed to have been casted in the 'The Boss Begins' alongside Lee Jangwoo and Son Hojoon. However, MBK has recently revealed her casting is yet to be official. MBK responded, "similar with Son Hojun, after the first conversation last year, there hasn't been another talk of it until today (March 11th.)" Officials stated carefully, "after initial talks of contracts, there hasn't been any contact from the production side. At the moment, we don't know if they'll be casted or not. We still need to check with the production side." Lee Jangwoo's side has also stated to still be considering the role. *** Source: Sports Donga Translations by Stew
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