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  1. RT @hemsthorth: never forget when chris hemsworth made his daughter a dinosaur birthday cake bc the bakery said they couldn’t https://t.co/…

  2. @bwhoiwant2b Nocchi queen

  3. RT @billboard: J-pop star Namie Amuro and H&M to release fashion collection https://t.co/nVLIFksxe5 https://t.co/n7xJLvHxMP

  4. RT @AcademiaObscura: This will never get old. https://t.co/gCw67TLEIZ

  5. Tomorrow it will be the 11th anniversary of one the greatest debuts ever https://t.co/v1CFRlQbQT

  6. @incorrect_OWL this is simultaneously wholesome and heartbreaking

  7. RT @qikipedia: Word of the day: BETSUBARA (Japanese) - literally "extra stomach", the feeling when you suddenly discover you're still hungr…

  8. @jepifish but that's what makes it so good! I remember reading it alone at night as a 12-year old and it really creeped me out

  9. @Squawka it's Östersund

  10. RT @PlayOverwatch: K. @overwatchleague https://t.co/48Kl17xIDK

  11. RT @lenkagaminya: I JUST RAN THROUGH TRAFFIC TO TAKE THIS PICTURE https://t.co/ggqNV4vljS

  12. RT @KimKierkegaard: I stood completely alone, labored alone, a solitary figure, like an epigram over my contemporaries, taking selfies in m…

  13. RT @SekaiNoOwariOFC: SEKAI NO OWARI、夢を追いかける人に向けたNHK五輪テーマ曲は「サザンカ」(コメントあり) - 音楽ナタリー https://t.co/WUtcMtpgOp

  14. RT @akbg_txt: Another year. Another year added to our girls' finite lives. Another year closer to the inevitable graduation of our girls. A…

  15. RT @beapolicarpio: My sister Ica has been missing since 10:53pm, Dec 21. Last seen in Coffee Project Lakefront Sucat. If u see her pls call…

  16. @glossperrie nvm if it's full albums

  17. RT @_PapaSin: This is Naruto and Sasuke now, feel old yet? https://t.co/9HHqF84eBt

  18. RT @rada_sanmi: *during job interview* "Who is this «Apollo» you put here in your references?" https://t.co/k4lDlwJXGv

  19. RT @yxmxzxki: https://t.co/NEKWu6zESh

  20. @Lovelyz_8 @B612x

  21. RT @songdip: Jiyeon smile ??? https://t.co/em2uS25FGu

  22. @XiaoLinDeMao SM world map: Korea, Japan, China, Asia, America

  23. RT @cheky_love: 171013 뮤직뱅크 #채경 #윤채경 #CHAEKYUNG #APRIL #에이프릴 @4wallE @APRIL_DSPmedia https://t.co/OW7nDW6gng https://t.co/MblgDmLdVf

  24. RT @ourdays: [17.10.10] 진주 개천예술제 프리뷰 #에이프릴 #채원 @APRIL_DSPmedia @4wallE 눈나 오늘도 빛났구나... https://t.co/a1XeErzBxa

  25. RT @ElizaHaRa: in 2016 remember hammie won hallyu star award too ... our 88 line unnies ~ we are proud of both our kara pillars https://t.c…

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