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  1. That was only a rumour back in 2013. I don't know the exact information. But this time K-Queen's said that T-ara will go with Brave Brother for the title track... I don't like his music... And i don't have a good feeling about this comeback. Hope our girls could pull it off.
  2. Hyomin said that this album is what they have stored for a long time. Could this be that rumour album with Eunjung and Ahreum participated in writing the song ? That was way back in 2013: 1. Hey summer! (3:29) 2 .여름 유혹 (Yeoleum Yuhog) (4:03) 3. 노래 여름 노래 (Nolae Yeoleum Nolae) (3:34) 4. 크림, 크림, 크림 (Cream, cream, cream) (5:37) 5. Go to the beach! (3:47) 6. I love water! (4:15) 7. Swim, swim, swim. (3:17) 8. Sweet Cream. (5:53) 9. It’s Sunny! (2:58) 10. 캠핑 가서 (Keamping Gaseo) (2:54)
  3. Can you give me the link to that Misunderstood song ? I'm worry too . But it was their choice , i will support them until the end .
  4. the song of gangkiz is powerful but the song of t-ara is very deep . . . i love the t-ara more than .
  5. i don't think so . I think she fell embarrassing because she was not in some competitions in the past while her felllow members was . And the MC is so impolite when ask her in that way . If i were her , i cant reply clearly , maybe i would be embarrassing more than her ! So it's not a problem !
  6. They have 4 song , so if you plus all 4 songs together , they can beat all , include Kara !!! T-ara is the best this year !!! Btw , the new song chosen to be teaser comeback on Inkigayo was awesome and its too crazy !!!!!!!!
  7. So poor ! JiYeon need more love for her . The picture she eat ddukboki is so cute ! Her shy smile , I'm really love her !
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