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  1. ZozoxD


    Last pic of t-ara dot com pic of hyomin Took me quite some time to finish minnie and eunjung's gallery But i saved alot of pics!! Thx to those who uploaded them~
  2. shopping time~~ You sure had fun when shooting pics for your online shopping web
  3. how can i stop looking at her when she is looking so pretty and angelic
  4. Awww your drawings are good minnie The cherry blossoms you drew are great!! Keep it up!! hwaiting!
  5. It's hot outside minnie!! And you are hot too Take off the jacket to keep yourself cool~
  6. ZozoxD


    Another pic of minnie doing the pouting face.. Gold fish lol
  7. ZozoxD


    Now she is looking happy holding the pair of smelly pair of shoes haha..!
  8. ZozoxD


    LMAO!! This pic is so funny minnie look so cutee holding this shoes haha!
  9. ZozoxD


    This pic seemed to be capture from far lol is this a stalker pic? haha
  10. ZozoxD


    minnie love ur posings to the camera you really are a photographer afterall
  11. ZozoxD


    Minnie in headphones <33
  12. ZozoxD


    Hyomin~~ I love loooking at this gallery.. It has so many pic of her!!! Arghh this is really image heavy <333 Thx for uploading this~
  13. Love the third last photo!!! ahaha!! hyomin's expression is sooooo cute!!
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