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  1. But you can't really use Hyoyoung tweet as supporting evidence either she's Hwayoung twin sister I mean. *What if* Hwayoung hurts her ankle the doctors say its fine minor pain but she still perform but to her she can't perform due to the pain but the pain is really small but she doesn't go on stage. Remember the t-ara have been practising for a while to perform at the concert and after hearing the doctor's diagnosis but Hwayoung still refuses to go on stage bar the one song that people are showing her alot of love her day by day. All the songs and dances that t-ara have been practising have now all have to change the members get frustrated and post there tweets. But in Hwayoung mind the tweets are mean and she tells her sister that the other members are picking on her and they are tweeting about it. Now this situation has no more proof then say the members bullying Hwayoung but it could be the reason for all the tweets. P.S No I am not delusional I believe that the truth is somewhere between the two extremems.
  2. I agree with T-GGYouth in that in this situation we really won't ever know who is right and who is wrong you might find even if both sides told the truth you might find its a difference of views and both parties can be innocent and both parties could be at fault. My first opinion of the whole situation is that both sides are at fault in that I believe that Hwayoung was hurt and she couldn't perform but decided to try but in the end couldn't but that in turn made it burdensome for the 6-ara since they were given such short notice that they end up not performing up to there own standard and this in turn made the 6-ara members upset and they tweeted there disappointment in Hwayoung publicly. This lead to sh*tstorm that we have today. People who say that the 6-ara was bullying Hwayoung where is the proof? The only things that seem to float around is the cut of variety shows like the bowling alley, umbrella, rice cake, book in car and tweets but if you watch those incidents entirely you'll find there's nothing to them. I get the impression that 6-ara aren't as close to Hwayoung as each other but you have to remember also that Hwayoung never had to claw her way to the top she joined t-ara when they had become pretty famous and she was sharing in the profit so of course the other members never got close to her but not being close doesn't mean they are bullying her.
  3. I think t-ara fans need to take a step back and breath and relax nothing we can do will really affect the outcome of the current issue all we can really do is support the group. I think in a couple days we'll see if this is just the vocal community up in arms about Hwayoung getting booted from the group or if its really the feeling of the community in general. Remember when Iphone had the grip of death issue all over the internet people were saying that they would never buy the iphone and it was the doom of apple yet that iphone went on to be one of their biggest seller. Remember all the people who are up in arms will be the people who feel wronged but it might be a very small percent of the fans but they just happen to be the most vocal. People who thought nothing of the issue won't go on the internet as say oh I don't care I am still going to support t-ara most of them will just continue with doing whatever they were doing. So please relax and don't keep saying the sky is falling cause as more people say it the more people think its true.
  4. I'm not sure if KKS is extremely cunning or extremely dumb he had 2 days to plan on how this would play out and if this is his end game to make t-ara members even more scared of him and have a tighter control over them then he succeeded. However if his plan was to promote or save t-ara then he failed and to add oil to the fire by telling people if she's sorry she can come back is plain just stupid you even stick to your guns or you don't go firing away in the first place.
  5. The pd's might have some inside information or more likely in these cases they are trying to become popular by jumping on the band wagon and just saying what's popular.
  6. Unless SBS decides to ban T-ara which I don't think they will since there really is no proof of bullying its up to each individual PD who runs the shows if the t-ara members who were once on running man gave the PD a good impression I believe he could and would still cast them.. The thing is SBS has alot of PD's and this is just a tweet from one of them don't go into panic mode yet.
  7. Actually it's kinda funny the message from SBS in one release they say they will back Eunjung in her drama and that its about her as an actress and not a group and in another message another PD comes and says I won't be casting t-ara members in the future.
  8. SBS PD is a Production Designer from the Korean tv channel SBS they are the people who run a show/drama/program. Remember this is just a PD from SBS and not the SBS Head of programming coming out and saying they won't cast t-ara members.
  9. I think KKS is going to use Sexy Love as a test to gauge how much of a hit to the popularity did T-ara take from this incident, just cause there's alot of outcry on forums and sites doesn't always mean that the fan's are not going to support t-ara it could just be the vocal side and the majority of the fans are still going to be the same. As for people asking for T-ara members to come out and back this story... it really not going to happen since they are under contract with CCM still and for the people asking them to leave, very few singers and actors have made it after they chose to terminate there contract if the contract expires and they leave that's fine but to leave in the middle of a contract and still make it is unheard of in Korean apart from JYJ. P.S for people who say KKS is a **** to Hwayoung he could do worse to her and just remove her from T-ara and not place her in any group of CCM and have her sit the whole contract out and never perform till the contract expires and get no salary at least now she can still perform with a tarnished reputation but with her skill she could still make it if she is dedicated to becoming a star.
  10. This is just wishful thinking but the big announcement could be the pushing back of the next album to let the girls rest... I know its not going to happen but we can always hope.
  11. I think the "Big" announcement is going to be a leadership change as well as the start of sub-units. People really need to stop worrying most of this scandal/war is mostly just made up hype by netizens and people seem to have jumped on the bandwagon and started posting there own scenario's based on who's there favourite among the group.
  12. Don't think so if the artist signs with another company while still under contract I believe both the artist and the new company would be sued by the original company.
  13. Consider me an idiot but apart from the netizens is there actually any proof that there's bullying going on? I read the tweets and it can be taken either as encouragement to themselves cause who in there right minds promote a song in two countries and do a concert at the same time, or they were aiming it Hwayoung but more in a way that's trying to get her to pull her weight but no where is there bullying going on in the tweets its just wishful thinking on the part of the netizens and once people hear it they all jump in saying its bullying.
  14. If you read the tweets translated by oniontaker the t-ara members tweet wasn't an issue or joke they were just talking. Only after you read Hwayoung tweet does the previous tweet's become an issue, regardless of if they were tweeting about her or not I think Hwayoung should've just kept silent and nothing would've happened. I'm not blaming Hwayoung but if your a public figure you should think before you post stuff because different people will read your words and think of a different meaning to the one you wrote.
  15. I believe JiYeon is younger they both 93'ers but JiYeon birthday is in June while IU is in Ma. I think the show Heroes is great for JiYeon even though its something that on a schedule and i think its hard but its something different with a bunch of other celebs so its should be alittle bit relaxing so i hope heroes goes on for a long time.
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