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  1. You go girls! Always being an inspiration to me and in my life even though you're all miles away! I wished more people could see this side of T-ara too! T-ara jjang!~
  2. It's a bit sad for Jiyeon, she still doesn't even get a proper "vacation" no matter how short the "vacation" is. And she's definitely one of the most hard working members in T-ara, but that's not the say the rest aren't hard working. T-ara is really a hard working and talented bunch, and it's sad that they don't get praises and encouragement from their seniors as much as other girl groups. ( T-ara fighting!~
  3. Sigh.. Right now I just hope that none of the members get kicked out. It's not fair to call them lazy, cause they've been acting and doing reality series and they have never had a proper break at all. I hope if they must to add another member they'd just add one more and not make T-ara a 9 member group. It'll really just make it seem like CCM just wants to make another SNSD-like group. T-ara is already perfect as they are now
  4. I think it's the CEO who has to be replaced! :/ He changed,add and removed T-ara's members right from the beginning when T-ara started out as a 5 group member. Although I prefer the present T-ara members, but it took me a long time to accept Hwa Young as a T-ara member. Is there nothing the fans can do to stop the CEO from replacing our beloved members? T_T After all, without the fans, there's no T-ara. And adding more members to make it a 9 member group... it seems like he's just making excuses by accusing them of being lazy, just cause he wants to use T-ara's fame to make the group become one like SNSD's. And I thought their company was professional :/
  5. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

    1. Hyorie


      I'm sorry, I only saw this after such a long time as i've been on a long hiatus. Still, thank you for the birthday wishes! ^_^

  6. Happy birthday!

    1. Hyorie


      I've been on hiatus for a really long time but thank you for the birthday wishes! <3

  7. she's so pretty! perfect for polaroids! she must be really good at aiming!
  8. can't wait to watch it! but i'm on hiatus for most of the time. still, t-aradotcom JJANG!!!~
  9. I haven't finished watchign God of Study though. God of Study motivates me to study! Jiyeon and Seung Ho FTW!!!~ V^^V
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