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  1. Ooh, she got watercolor pencils. Maybe she can post some of her creations with them?
  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Soyeon looks really pretty in her braids.
  3. I hope that they are successful wherever they go! I also hope that T-ara releases new music soon, hehe.
  4. Thank you for sharing all of these pictures! I wish that I could have been at the concert. I love all of their outfits, and they pull off the first pink dress very well.
  5. Didn't F-ve Dolls disband? Anyway, Qri looks really pretty in this picture. I love her hair and her top!
  6. I look forward to hearing more of their Japanese music! I hope that they find much success. I really liked Lead the Way.
  7. I am really happy for them! I am especially looking forward to Jiyeon's concept since it is apparently going to be like Sunmi's!
  8. I love this interview so much. I am glad that Boram is finally starting to get some more exposure. She also seems to love her family a lot.
  9. This is a really different look from what we usually see! I like it though.
  10. It's great that they were able to use their popularity to raise money for a charity! (:
  11. Thank you for these GIFs. Looks like everyone had a very fun time. I like Qri and Soyeon's badminton skills, haha. (:
  12. I like the third one the best because it is the most colorful. Boram looks really good in the photo. (:
  13. They both are so pretty. I always like seeing celebrities interact with each other. (:
  14. I really like the first GIF. It's kind of funny, especially Jiyeon who is so happily swaying, haha. (:
  15. My favorite picture is the first one of Boram! She looks really pretty with her surprised expression.
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