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  1. thats so illogical! jiyeon works so damn hard anyone can tell -.- (but anyone noticed 4minute's? totally made me LOL hahaha oopsies)
  2. thats kimaru right? Haha glad to know it srsly exists haha hop i can hear it talk LOL
  3. is that..........really her.................................lol i think it looks weird
  4. doesnt hyomin normally lay down facing the other side? HAHAHA dont know just sayin
  5. they are all wearing fred perry clothes!!! (i think) HEHEEHE SO PRETTY!!!
  6. i'm confused! i want the album but i'm not sure which one is which!!! if this is the ltd edition one, what does the normal repackaged one look like LOL!
  7. if i was there i would totally buy everything i can grab my hands on HAHHA esp soyeon's!
  8. OMG HAHAHA GO AH SUNG!!! the one acting as pulip!! omg shes sooooo lucky!
  9. wow they sure have alot of fansigns *o* wish i was there :'( thanks for the pics
  10. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. BURNING QUESTION!!! anyone have the hq pics of soyeon and qri in the last cap? cant find it :'( please help me thanks!!!
  12. omg thanks alot!!! eunjung is so pretty! love their concept and style ^^ hope that they'll release soyeon and qri's pics..
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