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  1. True :o RT @XSTROLOGY #Taurus are shy around strangers.

  2. Why am i always almost late!!!

  3. Gonna go sleep now DAMN tired...

  4. YEAH!!! RT @allkpop NS Yoon-G (@ns_yoonji ) releases new mini-album, 'Neo Spirit'

  5. Hanna RT @Wanxinnn My tline kanna spam liao lah. RT @minlyniee stop stop breaking my heart ~ teentop singing to @mushroomshake95 >_<

  6. Gonna wear that sec 3 class hood shirt later for seoul garden b4 i grow too fat that i can't wear it anymore :)

  7. http://t.co/UHBXmhVl @Wanxinnn I put this as our new dp for the page arh :)
  8. woah today my timeline was spammed with t-ara mblaq and teen top stuff...

  9. RT @XSTROLOGY #Taurus can do anything. It's a question of whether they choose to.

  10. Woah:O 2012 LIAO:O [delayed]

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