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  1. i loooohooooove this so much i'm gonna cry cry (lol). i really can't wait for their comeback, come out sooon please and dominate the charts and beat everyone!
  2. hehe, loving t-ara. <3

  3. Do you know that EunJeong had a forum fansite?

    Contact me for more info. Kaka~ @^^@

  4. OMO~ Ikr!! I wonder if they actually have a dance move to that songXD I'd be dieing again..Haha'!~<3

  5. I Love Her. ♥

    I want to hear her live singing ma boo.

  6. t-ara not her lol sorry

  7. I Love Her. ♥

    I want to hear her live singing ma boo.

  8. I don't want to say bad things about snsd, but they can expose half of their body when t-ara is already covered a lot?? seriously?
  9. gorgeous. flawless soyeon. (: seems like they are on a photoshoot set. it looks good and i can't wait to see it!
  10. lol yea ikr! So addictive! ^^

  11. LOL! Hwayoung so like stole my heart for a while ,while listiing to MA BOO:] IT'S JUST GREAT RAPPING!:D

  12. Hwayoung kicks me. ♥

    She's a very good rapper and a great addition.

    & even though that EunJung and HyoMin are already good rappers, Hwayoung is awesome.

  13. I love Hwayoung(:

    She's a great rapper and a good addition. (=

    Even though that EunJunf and Hyomin are very good rappers already omg Hawayoung kicks me. ♥

  14. hahaha yeah one thing i like about kpop. addicting stuff that will be in my head FOREVER, haha.


  15. What do i think? Hmmm.. IT'S SO AWESOME AND ADDICTING! And haliriousXD The ending of Yayaya:] I love "Ma Boo" It sounds like TTL and It's Just cool how our hwayoung ccan rap!:DD VERY AWESOME!:]]

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