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  1. 인정한 유라 몸매

  2. 유라 예쁜사진많이올려주세요

  3. Lovey dovey ♪♫

  4. Hey if you like the seating spot, i got extra ticket, you can just pay me the ticket price $100 without the fees that they charged. I bet you can join the crowd in the standing floor with this ticket, and the standing ticket will cost total close to $100.

    Please let me know :)

  5. Wow Jiyeon looks so badass holding that gun and Qri always looks so stunningly beautiful! So excited for the video to come out!
  6. haha, forreal? well i'll be. that's some good stuff there man. nice to see a person with the same birthday as me. :D

  7. Wow you have the same birthday as me!

  8. 2 part music video? does it mean that one part is 15 minutes and the other is going to be 15 minutes also? Oh whatever it is I will wait patiently for it.
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