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  1. just can't move on--- kks, happy now ? T _ T


  3. (´・ U ・`)/ nammmm emmmm jieeeee. ♥ *finally someone I can spazz with. ♥ nicesuuu~

  4. ^ *nods head* She looks Sunny at first glance, a bit taller and gorgeous.. really nice she have T-Ara's original blood.
  5. my mama Z.. XD it is my first visit to u for this year ryt?? oh soo bad, well, mum, see you around~ ♥

  6. my papa x.. :P I'm here!! or I'll say, I'm home!!! tadaima!! :D

  7. Artist doesn't satisfied with one field she already knew. Must be in Hyomin's case, And working on it over night after all her busy schedules is really daebak. I'm really anticipating on this when I saw the Ryu Twins, now added with some of Hyomin's ingredients of video editing.I'm really,really ,really expecting so much now. (• , ! .•)/ ♥
  8. No twitter means update your cyworld. ^^ ○__○..) ♥ gorgeous rambo. :,3
  9. ○-doreureu--○

  10. Why my Ryu-chan hiding her face and gorgeous hair? I mean, she looks good at it~ :,( anyway, hope soyeon will feel better sooner, and my rambo taking good care of her all the way from the airport. [mistakenly soyeon's shoes from boram's on roly poly concept photo,looks like the same but I know its different.] hekss Girls enjoy your journey to China!~
  11. I'm the only one who's happy about baby giant ryu-chan's new haircut? :,( ♠

  12. naa.. I'm always your siggy-maker anyway. its my job.. I think?? just always feed me and i'm ok with it.. lol goopie~ just removed the credit, no one will able to steal your very own sig, :) laabya too as always~ ♥

  13. eylllo. ☺ ~ *_____*..)/

  14. Rapping machine,this is the first time I saw her showing off her monster skill on rapping, she needs more of airtime like this.. I'm happy just by watching her.. she's very gorgeous. Putting her feelings, with "baby bwa bai , baby bwa bai" are just too awesome. Ryu-chan ♥
  15. Anyone can punch me in the eyes.. so I can have my early Black Eyes.. +___♥..)/

  16. Oh long time no see ![hugs diadem] :D

  17. and oh > / / <..) I'm going to re-apply if I want to become staff here again.. :D heehe,my first plan was not actually to be a mod here, instead I want to be a graphics des. but I dunno. omma is still lacking that time and landed me to be a green-mod. XP

  18. oh soo I'm really bad omma then, > / / /<..) oh no baby soonie yah! haha! running from home??!! haha,I bet if one of my bias come here too,I'll probably do that,but since I'm older enuf,no one will hunt me down. ^ T ^..) oh I love chundoong and g.o.,I remmber wen dara and thunder still living here on my country.. I was in highschool that time. :D

  19. profilie hopping. ^ T ^..) thanks you landed on my page. HAHAHA! your indeed a~majing. :P oh yeah.. hellO!

  20. talk to me like the first time. ^ T ^..) ch-ch-chreom chreom. :P

  21. haha, mother is kind of busy lately,that it made me to take down my job here as a staff. cuz I can't be here now and then. anyway, omma is always ryt after ya, heehee~ double T is there, twittah and tumblr. ^ T ^..) oh!MBLAQ is in the house! ahaha!~

  22. O T O..) mai stalked me? HOhoho.. what did you find? ^ T ^..) ashldkjasdlfjld

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