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  1. my goodness! the 3rd one is really daebak, love her smirks
  2. so confused.some said that she is still not well enough to perform today at dream concert and some said she will attend and perform today..no matter what i just wish her fast recovery, get well soon jiyeon ah!!!
  3. yeayyyy congrats and thanks to Queens all over the world!!! T-ARA really deserve this!Congrats girls :3
  4. ohmygod this is too breath taking!!!my dear jiyeon hwaiting!!!!
  5. lol those queens who screamed at jiyeon's lovey dovey part so lucky ah!jiyeon noticed and even pointed at them!!way to go HK queens
  6. ahhhh i love all of them!!!i want to hear the full songs nowwwww
  7. at first i dont really like the song but now i hear it again and again im actually loving it!this is the charm ot T-ara,its always like this
  8. really didnt expect this pairing (amber eunjung) but will totally support them both ^^ but mbc show champion isnt really famous so i hope with them as new MCs it will be more known ^^
  9. Cupid Hyomin?hahaha sounds cute!i hope hyomin and jinx the best!Go T-ara Cupid Hyomin?hahaha sounds cute!i hope hyomin and jinx the best,i hope it will be a successful movie!Go T-ara
  10. woh daebak!see International Queens love you so much T-ara ^^ Good luck girls for Hongkong showcase,and have fun HK Queens!
  11. really love the performances,their outfits are so pretty too.. but i really want to watch their live stage too,but still,this is amazing stage
  12. So happy to see T-ara again! good luck for the rest of your comeback stages girls T.T 전보람, 이큐리, 박소연, 함은정, 박효민, 박지연, 이아름, 티아라 화이팅!!!!
  13. i just hope antis will think first before talking or doing something,theyre just too stupid to think 'little t-ara' will do the sexy moves and keep bashing our girls even tho its been clarified -.- but who cares about them.. anw,,,tomorrow T-ara will have a comeback stage! im kinda worried for them actually but who am i kidding?its T-ara! they have dealt with many issues before,so yeah they can do it too this time! i wish you good luck girls,Fighting!
  14. i think the kids will only join them at the robot part?? i dont think ccm really that dumb to make kids perform that sexy moves -.- but who knows.. anyway i hope people will love T-ara again,im so worried for their comeback stage actually>< but still i hope the best for T-ara good luck girls
  15. hahaha awesome!!The Queens are back! i hope the comeback will be a success,Sexy Love is a really good and catchy song
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