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  1. KKS is crazy. I don't see why he needs to add new members to t-ara and speed while putting Yeonkyung in two groups. I'm sorry but I think CCM will never be the big 3 cause they can't manage their groups. Most of the successful groups don't keep adding/changing members which is a good thing cause it leaves them time to bond. I really don't like how Dani will join t-ara n4 or whatever cause she can't rap as well as the existing members and t-ara is fine without her. She will just limit the number of concepts t-ara can do. I don't hate her but I just don't want her to join t-ara cause t-ara is great with just the six members. I would prefer to see dani in a new group and shine there. I'm just worried that after adding dani in t-ara, KKS will take her out of the group and cause ppl to think t-ara are bullies and kicked the girl out. Areums departure made some ppl to call t-ara bullies and a sinking ship. I think that t-ara's downfall came because of the new member lineups after their debut. New members were added when the girls were already well established and worked so hard to get #1 yet new girls were added and rode on their fame which was bound to cause problems. Don't get me wrong, I like hwayoung and especially areum but it would've been way better to debut them in different groups. I don't want the same thing to happen to speed. The groups probably will never bully the new members but the new and weak relationship might give a chance for haters to accuse them if bullying.

  2. KKS is seriously the worst CEO or whatever he is. He creates a group, but ends up destroying it. Why did he even put new members in the group in the first place? T-ara was amazing as 6 and their fame was skyrocketing. I feel so sad now. Those netizens aren't any better. They do what they are against. Such hypocrites. They are the BULLIES. Poor T-ara. Let's just hope 2013 will be a good year for them. Seeing them in sadness at those recent events, makes me really sad.

  3. I find it not fair how t-ara (6-ara) worked hard for 3 years while KKS doesn't treasure it and just keep adding members who are basically riding on t-ara's fame. No matter how hard Dani and Ahreum and possibly other new members in the future work, it''ll never be the same as the original six cause by then the originally six will still be working hard. I'm sorry to Ahreum and Dani fans, but I think they or they're parents are really selfish and lazy. Instead of relying on others fame to give you a head start in the entertainment business, they should join a new group and work from the bottom to top. I personally like these new girls, but the fact that it is unfair to the original six makes me really sad. Once again, I'm really sorry to Ahreum and Danis fans.

  4. tbh, i really dont want Dani to debut with T-ara. I think she's really cool and stuff but I would prefer her to debut with a new group. I just wish T-ara could go back to the days when there were just 6 members. I felt like their bond and everything about them were the best during those times. I just brings me pain to see each of them hurt because of that KKS. Eunjung doesn't look happy anymore during perfs and it's making me really worried. Boram is losing a bunch of weight.

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