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[SPAZZ] Which mv do u like the most?


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In all mv t-ara do which I like the most is ...........

The First - Ya Ya Ya

2nd -Why are you being like this

3rd - Like the beginning

4th -I go crazy because of you

5th -Bo peep bo peep(15+)

6th -Apple is A

7th -Lies

8th -Time to love listen 2

9th-I'm really hurt

10th-We are the one

11th-Mongeul mongeul

12th-Good Person

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I like Like The First Time! It's got this combination of sexy and sweet that I find totally killer :)

I remember reading on some Youtube remix video (I'm scared to put the link, not really sure about rules haha) that the Like The First Time video sorta summed up the difference in female sexuality in Korean pop culture and the Western concepts - you'd watch a Beyonce/Britney Spears vid and get wild fantasies in your mind, but with *most* Korean concepts, it's different.

Just as with Like The First Time - all I feel like doing after the video is hugging them / marrying them / buying them boatloads of roses :)

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i like Lies and IGCBOY

i like lies because i like the way T-ara member take advantage of Seungho :)

My favourite part of the MV is the slapping scene.. kinda cool to me :)

i like IGCBOY because of the flashing light and their cheography

Lots of people said that they get dizzy after watching the mv but i don't think so

i like the speed they change the scene is kinda cool

The fast speed and the flashing light makes the mv alive :D

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