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[11.01.14] Eunjung returns to perform; recovery : 80%


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Injured member Eunjung returns on stage at KBS2TV's Music Bank. She performed <YaYaYa> with the other 6 members.

Last year, on December 26th, it was reported that Eunjung injured her left knee, specifically her ligament. On her way to her schedule, she hurt herself because of the slippery ice, and was sent to the hospital. Wanting to return on the same day, she tried going back but was met with even more pain.

The doctors have examined Eunjung and released the statement that she needs a totaly of 4 weeks to fully recover, and she needed a leg cast.

However, CCM said, "Eunjung has recovered quickly and the initial 2 weeks of recovery went well. She is now 80% healed."


Cr: Newsen

Written By: Lee Eunhyuk

Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ Tiaradiadem.com

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;D yaaay~ I haven't seen any of T-ara's performances since she left >_____<

I think she was wearing boots without heels today during Yayaya (I might have seen wrong though, since the quality wasn't reall good D;), but thank god~ I would feel so bad for her if she had to wear heels again after just recovering!

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