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[09.10.15] Onset T-ara's First CF for Nonghyup Apples

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[09.10.15] Onset T-ara's First CF for Nonghyup Apples


T-ara reveals the onset appearance of their first CF since their debut.

So far, T-ara has gained the love of the public from their debut track 'Lies' up to their big-time hit song 'TTL (Time to Love)'.

T-ara recently was signed to be the official commercial endorsers of Nonghyup Apple in Korea.

An 'Apple Song' was made especially for this CF, and along with it will come a music video to help maket the product better.

T-Ara's 'Apple Song' brought them in $300,000 which is the greatest amount a rookie group has ever been hired for.

Today, images from the set of the CF reveals that T-ara wears colourful mini-dresses for the commercial. In greeting, T-ara says that 'Apples are good and fun to eat, and with eating an apple, you can get a pretty face and have beautiful skin.'

Meanwhile, T-ara's been promoting their new track 'TTL Listen.2' with Supernova.


Source: http://www.todaykorea.co.kr/news/articleVi...tml?idxno=83887

Written by: Jeon Hyooseong

Translated by: Elly@diadem

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All of them look so pretty

Their dresses are so colorful and pretty also

I like the dresses

Where did Hyomin get the green apple from? LOL

The rest of them only got red apples but she got both green and red

Why Jiyeon's dress is different from the others?

But I still love it

Thanks for sharing!

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