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[11.01.27] CNN airs the Taiwanese version of "Bo Peep Bo Peep", controversies arise


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LOL!!!!!!! i mean i understand remakes and stuff like that but remake by her?! lol she is old! i mean if its the other girl. dang i cant rmb the name for some reason. but this lady??? doesnt match that well...but she is funny though lol (off the topic)

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hmm i think that's plagiarism..

hope the taiwan artist will be clear this problem soon..

so that will be clear..

It's clearly not plagiarism, as the song was allowed to be covered with permission. Most people don't know how it works, but Korean songs are often put out on the "market" in order to be auctioned off to be coveredin another language. For example, Wonder Girls' "Nobody" was to be auctioned off to be covered in Chinese but was later pulled back because JYP wanted WG to be the ones to perform the Chinese version.

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The thing that I hate the most here is "they did not even mention T-ara's name". Stupid CNN. Obviously they did not do enough research. :o

That's the only thing reporters need to do when they write and report on a story and if they can't even get that right, then why bother?

the funny part They also gave her high praises, comparing her to Beyonce.

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