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[11.02.10] T-ara's Jiyeon, Eyeliner VS no-eyeliner


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T-ara's Jiyeon, Eyeliner VS no-eyeliner


It has been revealed that T-ara member Jiyeon (full name Park Jiyeon) looks completely different in the absence of eyeliner.

Jiyeon's music performance image with T-ara is almost identical to her acting image. However, she has been seen trying to attempt to offer a different image depending on which field she performs in.

A serious example can be seen in her removal of eyeliner - which has fans interested.

When with eyeliner: Jiyeon provides a provocative image. Dissimilar, the absence of eyeliner strengthens her 'cute' image.

As the trend of 'smokey' make-up increased - Jiyeon was seen to increase her application of the eyeliner, ultimately which has created her on-stage image.

During her debut, Jiyeon received a great amount of attention in having 'clear' and 'innocent' features - similar to that of Kim Tae Hee.

Jiyeon has showed that her eyeliner can be used to represent the colorful charms of a character or even that of a woman.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110210n17492?mid=e0100

Written by: ###

Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ Diadem

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eyeliner is like a MAZIK MAZIK for some artists.

like Gain, Nana... and Jiyeon too.

Jiyeon without eyeliner ---> the true 17 yo Jiyeon.

Jiyeon with eyeliner ---> 20 yo Jiyeon :)

eyeliner just makes her looks older. but the rest, she is completely same ^^

love Jiyeon <3333

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I love when she wears or don't wear eyeliner. Her look/transformation is soo noticeable. She looks awesome w/ it on stage... so charismatic and fierce... gives her such presence on stage. Haha... reminds me of GaIn from BEG. W/o the eyeliner, she's so adorable and sweet. Either way, she's gorgeous! =]

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With or without eyeliner doesnt matter to me, she's still gorgeous :D

Anw I dun rly like her recent eye make-up, it's...too much, makes her much older><, but nvm, she's still my Jiyeon bb:P

The only thing I wonder when I read this article is y they hv to choose Jiyeon's not-looking-good photos???><

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