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[11.10.28] T-ara reveal music video posters and release a teaser on the 31st


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[11.10.28] T-ara reveal music video posters and release a teaser on the 31st


Girl group T-ara revealed their posters for their "Cry Cry" music video.

On the 28th at 9:00 AM KST, the first poster for their music video was released in the form of a movie poster and shows off a scene from inside.

The poster says, "Thank you for being next to me at the end" with actor's Cha Seungwon and Ji Changwuk charisma catching attention. Member Qri appears at gunpoint by Jiyeon, rising questions about how the music video was produced and news is revealed that Lee Jaeyoung makes a surprise appearance.

In addition, another music video poster for "lovey-dovey" will be revealed with an 180-degree different feeling and will have a release date one week later than "Cry Cry".

T-ara's 30-minute music video drama was made by the master of music video directing, Cha Euntaek, who made the visual of the video similar to that of an actual film while including an intense story.

T-ara will release the video on November 9th, but will release 2 more posters at 10:30 and 12:00 in 1 1/2 hour intervals for a total of three posters being released.

Prior to the release of the music video, T-ara will reveal a teaser on the 31st at 1:00 PM.

Meanwhile, T-ara are practicing hard for their comeback in Korea in the upcoming weeks.


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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This is too freaking awesome! I mean, which other groups have posters for MV that totally looks like movie posters? I can't wait for the Lovey Dovey poster with an 180 degree different feeling. I love how our girls always get different concepts each time. And I must say. Each new concept is just getting better. So excited!!! :lol:

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Ah DAebek! T-ara ROcks! Jiyoen and Qri looks fantastic! On the top I can't tell if tats Enjung and boram? or Enjung and.... Qri?? Someone let me know!! =<

Ah!!! Too cool!! T-ara is gonna bring the world to an end!! You can feel the sense of it already from the poster!!! =>

Ahhh!!! Can't wait!! Looking foreward to it! most ominent!

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i'm sure if i'm crazy now.. T-ARA is too AMAZING...

i hope CRY CRY and LOVEY DOVEY could treat my missing of T-ARA members acting skill..

especially for JiYeon wink.gif

but wait... i can't see EunJung and HyoMin in these posters..

hmm.... it'll be more great if they're exist too...

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This album going to be really good!! I'm even considering to buy their Black Eyes album now! Have to somehow earn money....I guess their comeback stage will be in midnovember after the release of Lovey Dovey MV?Man, still a long way to go and I'm having my exam at that time ><

I have to admit Qri climbs the ladder of my bias positon. I really like her in this MV!!!

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