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[11.12.22] MV - Davichi & T-ara - We Used to Love


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BECAUSE my wish not granted, so i can't say anything :(

despite that, i am happy because CCM are trying to give some spotlight to the other members. but actually i think they should give something for Boram too, since hwayoung is in this project, qri will be in the second mv of cry cry (lovey dovey), so i think boram should be in this collaboration too, because boram not even in the RP musical. maybe she can replace hyomin or jiyeon, i know boram can rap too and her voice is quite good like jiyeon.

but yea i know how CCM work ... so i can't complaint :)

wait, i am forget to give my opinion about this song, it's so beautiful, and minkyung's rap is awesome!!! i can't believe she can rap and i love that part so much :(

now, i just wait for lovey dovey :D

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