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[12.01.02] Video - T-ara @ The Exciting Present TV


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it phonetically translates to agu agu puresento, purezento being present, dunno what agu agu is

Erm, no. Phonetically, it's ageage purezento.

"Age" is a colloquially short for moriage, which means to raise excitement or excitement itself.

The title may be translated as "The Exciting Present"?

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Okay, I have no idea what is going on. Man in a silver suit... WHAT?

He's supposed to be a "superhero" who goes around asking celebrities without any forewarning for presents.

He decided to head to FujiTV to do his superhero work and stumbled upon T-ara.

When he asks for a gift, Hyomin offers the chair and they try to give Boram away. He asks for something they may have in their bags but was rejected by Soyeon saying they're native Americans and do not carry bags. So... he decides to give them some sweet snacks. It's supposed to be his special move that will guarantee him success. And true enough, T-ara hands over something. But what is it? Gotta stay tuned to the next episode to find out.

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