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[12.01.05] Video - T-ARA - Lovey Dovey @ Mcountdown HD ( COMEBACK STAGE)


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i'm really enjoyed it!!! shuffle, moonwalk... what else??!!!

T-ARA always surprising!!!!!! :)

T-Ara jjang!!!

anyway thanks for sharing but this isn't seem like HD..

i just found another one..

@YT /watch?v=29HFEwb_GVo

cr: citrinejing02

once again thanks and enjoy it ^^

PS:: oh, that has become 720HD! well, that so nice~ thank you!

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AHHH!! at 2:28 Soyeon is so cute that i cute i could die!!:DDD Eunjung is so amazing!! she has the bad ankle and she's still shuffling with everyone! I hope she doesnt injure it anymore....Please keep yourself healthy!! i REALLY need to learn this dance!! It looks like so much fun

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DAEBAAKK!!! i keep watched again and again....i think i'm gonna learn those dance :wub:....Jiyeon ah, gwaencana?? still little bit pale on her face..but she's really enjoyed it..her dance awesome...moonwalk and shuffle!! never though gonna combine this two...daebak!! the idea daebak.....i think this is the best dance of all girl group i ever saw...T-ARA FIGHTING!!...I'm sure they gonna win award tommorrow...

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