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[12.01.20] T-ara beats Kim Kwangsoo and will establish official fanclub!


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after 30-year tradition.. T-Ara beat KKS to create an official fanclub!

T-Ara Daebak!! they're really stronger!

or Jiyeon will angry like Dino LOL *JK

well,. thanks KKS and CCM! this is beautiful gift for T-Ara and fans!

and..you have many artists right,..so please treat them well!

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Weeeeeee. at last your stubborness KKS has stopped and you realized that your nonlogical rejection of forming official t-ara fanclub is not fair to fans!!!!!!!!!!!!..:D well the issue is now over :D goodluck t-ara coz we will now have more chance in winning music shows in the establishment of this fanclub!! T-ARA HWAITING!! :D :D

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Offically fanclub in Korea or International Fanclub? I hope international fc cause I'm not Korean.

For everyone, 'cuz I believe anyone can really join the fanclubs. I could be wrong but this is from what I know.

Oh sweet, finally we get an official name. Now we just hope that we aren't trolled with a bad name lol.

Don't jinx it man!

watch T-ara's official fan name will be KKS hahahaha


Lol, anyways I'm really happy to hear this!

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