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[12.02.06] Video - Hyomin @ WGM Chinese Special Preview


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O_O So excited to see this! Hahaha, Hyomin did say she'd do her best to communicate with body language if she met someone who spoke a different language. On Star King she showed she was really good at body acting, but thus far from what I can see, she's ^_^ laughably awkward (in a natural and cute way). It's probably difficult for Fu Xinbo, too, since he's surrounded by Koreans with only the translator to understand him. I wonder if they'll end up going to China at one point, because that would make sense to show up both countries with these two. Then, Fu Xinbo will get the opportunity to help Hyomin acclimate, etc. (As you can see, I'm already hoping this couple will make it in the long run... more T-ara goodness in WGM makes me happy.)

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