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[SCANS] Day By Day Album (08/18)


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[sCANS] Day By Day Album






.RAR: EU | MF | RS

CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com

- The rar includes 104 pictures. Empty pages are NOT scanned.

- The preview pics are resized. The original size of the scans is more than 1000p or 2000p or even 3000/4000p.

- Finally my scanner worked properly so the quality this time is more than good.

- PLEASE, do NOT remove my logo from the pictures. It won't change the fact that it's T-ara pic. I would be really thankful if you post/reblog (or anything else) the pics without editing. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for sharing the scan! I really love their photos on this album, especially Jiyeon, Soyeon, and Hyomin. :D All of them look so cool n beautiful as always <3

im really really jealous ..

i dont have any album of t-ara . u.u

I'm from Indonesia too. You can buy their original albums at www.yes24indonesia.com or www.melodiary.com or www.dkpops.com :)

I usually buy their Korean albums at Yes24Indonesia.

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Wow thankx!!! but aren't you afraid of scanning your album?? Whenever i think of scanning my album its just all fear of damaging the photobook's spine D= .. the only album i've scanned is the Breaking Heart limited ed photobook & the spine is pretty bad condition .. i've stopped scanning or even looking through album photobooks entirely!

But thnx alot to ppl who scanned and share the pics ^^ well people this is one reason to get Day by Day album, you get all these amazing photos for such a small prize, thats the really wonderful thing about t-ara's korean albums :D

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